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The mobile phone revolution that we have experienced in recent years has also been reflected in the Guinness World Records, one of the two records that collects world records. If we dig a little into the more recent milestones, we see that the cell phones have a growing presence.

A clear example is Xiaomi, which has registered up to 7 Guinnesses in recent years. This is just one of the many protagonist names of all the Guinness Book of Records for mobile phones which you can find in the Guinness list. To save you the trouble, we have selected the 17 most important and curious records to let you know.

The largest mobile phone in the world

We started with one of the most amazing Guinness World Records. Can you imagine what the largest cell phone in the world can measure? We give you the answer: it measures 4 meters and weighs 150 kilos! This is the terminal produced by Cricket Communications and Samsung Mobile, which reached this record on March 11, 2009, as stated on the Guinness World Records website.

The images speak for themselves of this 4,5 meter high, 3,4 meter wide and more than half a meter thick piece of furniture. The best thing is that this recreation of the Samsung SSCH-r450 has worked normally, then you can send SMS or call.

The largest number of simultaneous selfies

In this list of 17 Guinness World Records related to mobile phones we will find very curious milestones, like this one, recorded on August 6, 2016 in St. Louis (Missouri, United States). 4.991 people gathered to take a selfie at the same time as an event organized by the Younique Foundation.

Therefore, they not only reached the Guinness Book of Records for the most simultaneous selfies, but also for raise awareness and help prevent child abuse, which was the main focus of the event.

The most expensive mobile phone in the world

If phones worth $ 400 or more seem expensive to you, wait until you come across the world's most expensive mobile phone registered by Guinness World Records. This is Le Million Piece Unique, which has held the record since 2006, and it has been prodotto da GoldVish Luxury Communications.

Its price is explained by knowing that its body was handcrafted with 18K white gold and 120K VVS-1 diamonds. Perhaps these materials attracted the attention of the Russian millionaire who decided to pay it 1 million euros, thus making it the most expensive phone in the world.

The fastest way to type the alphabet on a touch phone

There are world records for all tastes, and therefore we find the fastest person to type the alphabet on a touch phone. Rachel Musiker has held this title since October 8, 2018, when she managed to write the alphabet in just 5,78 seconds. Do you think you can overcome it?

More people playing a mobile game at the same time

Large gatherings of people often star in many Guinness records, and this is one of them. 1.080 people gathered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China in August 2017 to simultaneously play Honor of Kings, a multiplayer game for mobile phones.

Despite the fact that 20 of the participants were disqualified for not meeting the requirements, the event organized by Vivo Xplay6 achieved its goal by reaching the largest gathering of people playing a game simultaneously, as stated on the Guinness World Records website.

More people sending SMS at the same time

Let's go back to the US to discuss the record for the most people texting at the same time. On 19 June 2014, 2193 people gathered in Overland Park, Kansas, to send a text message to an event organized by the National Speech & Debate Association of the United States.

The largest collection of mobile phones in the world

Carsten Tews is the man with the largest collection of mobile phones in the world, registered on February 23, 2010. In total, this German has 1.563 different terminals which he has been collecting since 1998. The oldest of these is the TEKADE BSA 31 which for 33 years has owned an authentic jewel that gives even more value to its world record.

The highest phone call in the world

We went up to heaven to tell you that the maximum height at which a phone call was recorded was 8.848 meters. On May 21, 2007, from Mount Everest (Nepal), the British Rod Baber made this communication with his Motorola MOTO Z8.

The call took place to an answering machine account that Motorola had created for the occasion, of the duration of one minute and 48 seconds. For the call to be successful, China had also placed a cell phone antenna facing the northern ridge of the mountain. Additionally, Baber also holds the record for the highest text message sent.

The largest technological mosaic in the world

As we had already announced at the opening, Xiaomi boasts several Guinness records. One of them managed to build a Christmas tree with more than 1.000 phones of his Xiaomi Mi Play model, which he wanted to promote with this result. This is how the Chinese producer appeared again on the Guinness World Records website, as the tree is the largest animated mosaic made with mobile phones in history.

The largest concentration of people dressed in cell phones

On this occasion, the record relating to large concentrations of people refers to 275 people who used a cell phone on November 14, 2007 in San Juan (Puerto Rico). The meeting, conceived by Open Mobile and Motorola, reached the Guinness Book of Records for the highest concentration of people dressed in cell phones.

The longest-lived mobile number in history

This Guinness record might appeal to those trying to keep the same phone number for life. The example is David Contorno, from Lemont (Illinois, USA), who has the same phone number (312-550-0512) from 2 August 1985 with Ameritech Mobile Communications company, according to the Guinness World Records website.

The largest donation of used mobile phones in history

On May 3, 2013, the American telecommunications company Sprint made the largest donation of used cell phones in history, making it a Guinness Book of Records, as we can see on the institution's website.

Highest number of mobile phones sold in 24 hours on an online platform

Chinese giant Alibaba hit up to 9 Guinness records during Singles Day, celebrated on November 11 each year. One of these is the number of mobile phones sold on the same online platform in 24 hours, achieved by Tmall, one of its online sales services, selling 3.133.289 units on Singles Day 2015.

The furthest mobile launch in history

This surprising Guinness record was played by Dries Feremans and is best understood when one learns that he is a professional Belgian javelin thrower. The branding took place on August 27, 2014, when Feremans has launched a mobile phone at a distance of 110,42 meters. The most curious thing? He did so by participating in the Mobile Launching World Championship, held in Kessel-Lo (Belgium).

The fastest typing of a text message in the history of water skiing

Even more curious is the Guinness Book of Records for writing an SMS faster while water skiing. The title is now held by Kirk Lee in Lake Elisnore (United States). On March 12, 2018, Lee was able to type a text message on a touch cell phone while water skiing in 49,09 seconds.

The event, organized by T-Mobile, consisted of two failed first attempts. On the third, e using a Samsung Galaxy S9, Lee managed to break this very special Guinness record.

First broadcast of the Olympic Games for mobile phones

This record reflects that the mobile phone began to gain importance in our lives just a few years ago. It wasn't until 2006, with based in Turin (Italy), when the first Olympic Games were held with live video transmission for mobile phones, as indicated by the Guinness World Records website.

First cabinet with automatic rotor mechanism

We finished the list of 17 Guinness World Records for mobile phones with a milestone that shows the wide variety of models that have been launched on the market. This in question is the president created by Ulysse Nardin, a luxury watch manufacturer with based in Switzerland. Based on one of its creations, the company designed the first mobile phone in history with an automatic rotor mechanism, which could be seen on the back.

As if it were an automatic watch, this President uses kinetic energy to add more battery to the terminal. Also, priced between $ 13.000 and $ 50.000, this mobile model had a 3,2-inch screen, 32GB of memory, and an 8-megapixel rear camera. Not bad for a cellphone that can boast of having a Guinness World Record.

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