3 pieces of furniture of this 2020 that have gone completely unnoticed

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This 2020, despite all the complications we have experienced, he will be remembered for having been a "technologically" incredible year.

We have seen numerous spectacular high-end terminals such as the Samsung Galaxy S20, the iPhone 12 or the OnePlus, and we have also experienced how the mid-range Android has positioned itself as a great alternative for anyone who wants to have a more than decent smartphone without any need to spend a a lot of money.

However, not everything was good. 2020 leaves behind some smartphones that have gone completely unnoticed. Some for being a total fiasco despite what they promised, others on the other hand and despite not being bad phones at all, they have been outperformed by the competition.

In this order we leave you those who, in our opinion, are the phones that in this 2020 have gone completely unnoticed. Did you remember them?

Sony Xperia 5II

Regardless, Sony phones are pretty awesome

Although Sony's mobile division isn't going through its best times, the Japanese don't want to throw in the towel and keep trying.

Sure, they are really cool phones and practically lack nothing but incomprehensibly, the their sales do not accompany. And honestly, that's a shame.

The Sony Xperia 5 II is one of its latest terminals, a really nice device whose main claim is the photographic section.

Despite all the advantages of this terminal, the truth is that the Xperia 5 II passed without pain or glory during this 2020 and not because it is a bad terminal, but simply because the competition has been able to sell itself better.

Meizu 17 Pro

The best smartphone presented this year by the Chinese company.

Years ago Meizu was together with Xiaomi one of the best known and most appreciated Chinese companies thanks to its high quality terminals and good prices. Few remember it today.

The Meizu 17 Pro is the latest top of the range of the company. A spectacularly designed device, with a really good front-end and very few bezels. A marvel that we would have liked to see in these lands.

And it is that unfortunately the Meizu 17 Pro has not left China, so many of you will not even have discovered its existence. A shame because it also had a screen with a refresh rate of 120Hz and we've always liked that.

Microsoft Surface Duo

Surface Duo, this is Microsoft's first Android device.

This smartphone, tablet or whatever it really is has not only gone unnoticed among users, but it was directly a disappointment.

Microsoft's return to Android has given a lot to talk about, especially as the Redmond company has dared with a device with a dual-screen unit via a hinge, something that looked very good on paper but in practice ...

Unfortunately various failures with the keyboard, camera and even with the terminal software have resulted in the Surface Duo was one of the biggest "bluffs" of 2020. Another time it will be Microsoft, sorry.

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