3 things about the new iPhone 12 that we would like to see on Android

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Whether you are a fan of the bitten apple company or not, there is no doubt that the new iPhone 12 is one of the best phones of the year. The leap from its predecessor, the iPhone 11, may not be that great, but it is clear that Apple's new devices will sweep sales.

Now, although there are many consumers who prefer any Android company over Apple, we can't deny that Cupertino boys' products have a lot of good things. We'd even love to see some of them on Android phones.

Premium design regardless of the price

The iPhone 12 is one of the most premium terminals of 2020

One of the benefits of buying an Apple phone is that it doesn't matter which model you choose, they are all built in an exceptional way.

This is the case with all iPhone 12 models which, regardless of their price, they have a design and build that many android models would like to have.

For example, today the Android mid-range has exceptional specs and we can find models with spectacular value for money, but for these devices to have remarkable specs and a fairly competitive price they must have cut other aspects, for example in the design and the materials used.

For all this, we do not find mid-range or mid-range smartphones that are interesting enough in terms of specifications but unfortunately they falter in their visual appearance. This does not happen with any iPhone and is that regardless of the price they have, the their design and the materials used are top notch.

Mini phones not so mini mini

The iPhone 12 Mini is the ideal terminal for those looking for power in a compact body

We have covered this topic on more than one occasion. Today, if someone wants a compact but powerful smartphone, they don't have it no choice but to focus on the iPhone.

Since the first iPhone SE was launched in 2016, Apple has realized that there is an industry that has been forgotten. Those users fed up with large phones and looking for power in a small size. Because Android ignores these users and even claims to companies like Huawei that small screens don't make sense.

The iPhone 12 Mini is the perfect example that a compact phone can also be powerful. A device that will undoubtedly be a success and that according to many experts can cause a massive exodus of Android users towards the bitten apple.

Hopefully one day we can see a compact and powerful Android phone, a true high-end "Mini" with best features and a fully premium design in one touch body.

Years of support

Despite being a couple of years old, the iPhone XR is still a great phone thanks to Apple's updates.

It is not something unique to the new iPhone 12 but to Apple devices in general. We will be a bit heavy, but if we like something from the bitten apple company, it is the care it reserves for its terminals, guaranteeing years and years of updates.

The iPhone 12 will be a smartphone with several years of updating, a minimum of five. Eg, the already veteran iPhone SE of 2016 will receive iOS 14. It doesn't matter if it's a high-end iPhone or an older one, all Apple devices get the same support.

This is not the case with most Android devices, which unfortunately they don't have as extensive an update cycle as Cupertino devices.

And for you, what aspects of the iPhone 12 would you like to see on Android?

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