3 things to keep in mind before buying a 5G mobile in 2021

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With 2021 already among us: is it time to buy a new smartphone with 5G?

It is true that 5G is called to be the technology of the future and despite the fact that in some countries such as Spain the results are not yet what was hoped for, there is no doubt that the sooner we embrace 5G, the better it will be for everyone.

Ma what should i consider when buying a new 5G mobile terminal? We will give you some suggestions.

Choosing the ideal 5G phone

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is one of the coolest devices with 5G

Obviously, to use 5G technology we must have a compatible device in our possession. Virtually every high-end phone launched this year has it, so if we are users of premium devices, we will only have to choose the device we like the most, but the same does not happen with medium and / or low smartphones.

In case you are not interested in 5G nothing happens, but if you want to use it in the near future be very careful when choosing a new smartphone. Unfortunately the range of 5G phones in these ranges is somewhat limited, although there are a few options.

What must be taken into consideration is that if we go to spend around 400-600 euros in a medium range, we choose a model with 5G so that the useful life of this terminal is a little longer. Also beware of buying high-end ranges from previous generations. Many of these devices are not compatible with this technology so unless it is a bargain or moving from 5G, it is best to avoid these devices.

Choose the appropriate phone rate

Fortunately, more and more mobile operators are betting on plans where 5G is more than present. In Spain, for example, major operators such as Vodafone, Movistar or Orange already have 5G, but other interesting offers such as Virtual Mobile Operators do not.

That is, if we want to take advantage of 5G we will have to opt for one of the tariffs of the large operators with the additional cost that this entails.

Is there 5G where you live?

It is important to know if there is 5G coverage where we live

Obviously, in addition to having a mobile compatible with 5G and a 5G tariff, for this technology to work we will have to reside in a territory with 5G coverage. It is useless to have the best mobile phone on the market and with the most expensive rate if we live in a rural area where there is no coverage.

Now, as a general rule, the web pages of the different companies usually have a lot of information about it and they usually have too maps showing what kind of coverage there is in each region.

In short, when buying a mobile phone with 5G we must have a clear idea of ​​the device that best suits our needs (with the limits imposed by the market), that not all operators offer 5G in their rates and that not all territories have 5G coverage. We will only tell you one thing, the 5G is a reality, so the sooner we begin to familiarize ourselves with it, the better.

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