3 things we ask about the new Samsung Galaxy S21 or S30

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The devices of the Samsung Galaxy S20 family were undoubtedly three of the most interesting phones of this 2020, in particular the Galaxy S20 +, whose full analysis can be found in the following link.

However, they are not perfect devices. So let's hope the new S21, S30 or whatever Samsung wants to call them, improve in all these aspects that we ask below.

Snapdragon processors for everyone

One of the problems with the Samsung Galaxy S20 in our country is that it does not have a Snapdragon processor

One of the main complaints of the Samsung Galaxy is that while in the United States and Korea the processors used are the latest generation Snapdragons, in Europe and other territories the Exynos is used, a processor that while not at all bad in terms of performance. , it it's quite a few steps below Qualcomm.

This wouldn't be a problem if the Galaxy with Exynos cost less, but the point is, it's not. In other words, we perform worse at the same - or better - price. So please Samsung, Snapdragon at all.

Un Samsung Galaxy S30e –o S21e–

The Galaxy S10e is one of the most interesting phones of South Koreans

One of the coolest phones of 2019 was the Samsung Galaxy S10e, a scaled-down version of the S10 model. This model revived the essence of compact yet powerful mobiles and also offered it in a device priced several hundred euros lower than the regular S10.

Unfortunately with the arrival of the S20 we have not seen an S20e version, so let's hope Samsung changes its mind next year.

A lower price

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra isn't exactly cheap

As time goes by, we see how smartphone prices rise and rise in price. Now the normal thing is that a freshly baked high-end product costs more than 1.000 euros but, what's the limit?

Samsung needs to keep the price of its devices down. We understand that it is not easy for a company to sell a product that is superior to last year and at a lower price, but it has to do it or we will eventually break the bubble. After all, if Google did it with its Pixel 4a, why samsung can not?

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