3 things you can do as a consumer to improve Android Mobile

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Have smartphones peaked? There is no doubt that technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, but it is also true that we live in an age where it seems that real improvements in smartphones are becoming less frequent.

As brands launch a new model of their top ranges at ever higher prices every year, the consumers are realizing that the gap between generation and generation is getting smaller and smaller. Is it worth buying a phone every year? Is it worth spending $ 1.000 on a device?

Although brands are still companies and their primary mission is to make money, they shouldn't lose sight of their customers. But, as consumers we are, what can we do to improve android phones?

Android phones are not often bought

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra, one of the best Samsung phones of 2020.

As long as there is demand there will be supply. If every time a brand launches a smartphone on the market, it breaks sales records, there is no doubt that the company will continue to launch a new model of its terminals every year.

This means that the improvements and / or innovations that can be inserted in a smartphone are ridiculous. If I launch a smartphone in April 2020 and April 2021, what real and significant evolution will that terminal have had? And especially, is there a justification for charging me 1.000 euros for practically the same thing?

The first thing consumers need to do to improve mobile technology is to avoid consumerism. The life cycle of a smartphone cannot be just one year, but a mobile terminal should last between 4-5 years (here brands should give more support to their phones). Buying smartphones every year, the only thing we do is agree with companies, not in vain, what do we get by switching from an iPhone 11 to an iPhone 12 or from a Galaxy S10 to an S20?

Ignore the WOW effect

The WOW effect, one of the marketing techniques that works best

What is the WOW effect? We have a more than decent cell phone, it works fine for us, has a good camera and is constantly getting updates. The X brand launches a device that allows recording in 8K resolution and we can only say: WOW! We want that cell phone! This is the WOW effect.

The WOW effect is what companies achieve by launching smartphones every year and it is what leads us to acquire new terminals year after year. Therefore do we really need that new feature they tell us is a must? Can't we resist our terminal for a few more years?

Think about it before buying the your next device.

Support the brands that support their terminals

Google is the company that supports Android best

One of the biggest negative points of Android and its manufacturers compared to the competition, especially Apple and its iPhone, it is the short cycle of updates that the first ones receive.

While nearly 5-year-old iPhones will receive the latest iOS updates, Android phones with only a couple of years on the market they are already considered obsolete by their manufacturers.

In fact, one of the main reasons you buy a smartphone or another, besides the design and specs, it should be the support you will get from your brand. Because there's no point in having a big terminal if it never gets updates, security patches, or just plain, the company will forget it in just a year or two

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