4 bad habits with your mobile that you already need to cut

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Although we all know how to handle our smartphone with ease, surely - we also include ourselves - with use we have acquired bad habits. Bad habits that we should get rid of as soon as possible because they can be dangerous or give the feeling that we are completely rude. Do you want to know what they are?

Stay totally glued to the smartphone screen

Using your cell phone when you are with another person is rude

It is true that we use mobile phones more and more, both to send text messages, surf the internet, watch series and / or movies on Netflix and even play video games, but it is also true that there are some situations where it is best to leave the phone still in your pocket.

Why consult the mobile phone while we are eating with family or friends, drinking coffee with acquaintances or directly, in any situation accompanied by other people is directly rude.

Using the phone while under the influence of alcohol

If you drink… don't use your smartphone

To celebrate and have a few more drinks, nothing happens as long as we stay in control and have fun. The problem is when we drank too much and we can't think of anything better than starting to use the cell phone.

Not only because we can lose it or break it, but also because of the things we can do and that for sure the next morning we can repent. Send an understandable message to the person we like, upload a really humiliating photo on social networks or worse, text your boss insulting him. Really, don't.

Share everything we do on social networks

Twitter is one of the most used social networks in the world

Call attention. Many people like to post everything they do on their social networks. From her holidays, to her parties to getting up and unless one of you is an influencer with millions of followers, the truth is, we don't care what you do.

And beware, because sharing everything you do on social media also has its dangers. It wouldn't be the first time thieves have taken advantage of the knowledge that a person has gone on vacation to break into their home to steal.

Use your cell phone in dangerous situations

Using your smartphone in certain circumstances, such as while driving, is really dangerous

In addition to not using the cell phone when we have been drinking alcohol, there are other dangerous situations that advise against consulting the smartphone. According to a study, drivers looking at their phones are already more dangerous than drunk drivers, so the car plus the smartphone is the same danger.

Also, it is not very advisable to walk on the street while using your cellphone, not only because you can collide with another person, but also for the danger of being overwhelmed.

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