4 good reasons to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note9 in 2020

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As we have always advised, buying a mobile from previous generations is a good idea if we find it at a good price. It's true that new phones like OnePlus Nord make it hard to recommend devices other than them, but we won't deny that, it is still possible to find "old jewelry" on the market.

An example is the Samsung Galaxy Note9. But why recommend a 2018 device today? For all these reasons.

A screen that continues to surprise today

The Galaxy Note9 is still a great phone, even today

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 mounts a 6,4-inch Super AMOLED panel with a resolution of 1440 x 2960 pixels and 515 ppi which is truly amazing today. But beyond these good figures, we need to talk about sensations.

Like almost all Samsung AMOLED screens, the colors, and especially the black ones, look excellent on this Galaxy Note9. An image quality comparable to the top of the range such as the Galaxy S20 and we're sure there won't be much difference - in terms of screen - with the future Note20.

The S Pen continues to make a difference

The S Pen is the accessory that makes the Note family perhaps the Android phones with the most personality

One of the points of differentiation of the Note range compared to other Android terminals has always been the S Pen. The Samsung Galaxy Note9 was the first smartphone in the family to carry a bluetooth S Pen, which added cool new features such as playing or stopping music, as well as taking photos using this accessory.

The best of everything? That all the features of the Note10 are also found in the Note9 thank you to update One UI 2.1 is on Android 10.

A more than remarkable performance

The Galaxy Note9 runs any app from the Play Store without any problem

Obviously the performance of the Galaxy Note9 will not be the same as the current top of the range, but the Exynos 9810 continues to struggle today thanks also to the 6 GB of RAM

All the latest apps and games available in the Play Store they work smoothly, so we can run any task smoothly. WhatsApp, social networks, surfing the Internet, checking e-mails and playing video games. Come on, the normal use that is given to a smartphone.


Is a 2018 phone worth it? In this case, yes

And finally the price. As we all know, the Note family has always been characterized as high-end phones and their prices have always been consistent with it. For this reason, if someone wants to buy a Note phone today and doesn't want to spend a lot of money, this is one of the best options.

The Galaxy Note 9 can be purchased for an approximate price of around 500 euros in Spain. A decidedly low price for a fairly complete smartphone that brings with it an element that makes it unique, the wonderful S Pen.

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