4 pieces of furniture that show that LG is one of the most innovative brands in the world

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On more than one occasion we have criticized different companies saying how little brave they are to innovate when presenting their new devices.

The same design, the same screens, the same processors, the same functions ... Now, if there's a brand that likes to take risks, for better or for worse, this is LG.

Because South Koreans have never been in hiding when it comes to making phones with crazy and extravagant designs and despite not being the company with the most sales, what we cannot deny is LG's desire to make different devices. Here are some of the best.

LG Double Play

LG has been innovating since ancient times.

If you thought dual-screen phones were something new, you were wrong. Already in 2011 the LG DoublePlay was presented, an Android terminal with a design that was not at all common at that time.

A smartphone with a 3,5-inch 320 x 480 resolution main screen and a 2-inch secondary screen. It also had a QWERTY keyboard.

The most curious thing about this device, besides its design, is that LG has added a feature that was basically that of move applications from one screen to another by pressing a single button. One ahead of its time.

LG G8X ThinQ

This case adds a second screen to the mobile

A phone that we analyzed at the time and that although it had nothing extraordinary, he had an accessory that made him unique.

The Smart Dual Screen, as this peculiar accessory is called, is a case that connected to the terminal via its USB type C connection, in addition to protecting the device, it allows us to incorporate a second screen.

This way, if you wanted two screens, you just had to place this cover and if not… then take it off. Easy and simple.

Lg wing

The LG Wing, one of the technological innovations of 2020.

The LG Wing is one of the latest terminals presented by the company and certainly one of the most curious of the year 2020. We were also able to test it thoroughly and although the idea was really good, it has many details that need to be polished.

Maybe a future LG Wing 2, not that big or heavy, with a lower price and better optimized software to make the most of its technology is the model that can really give this format wings.

Lg crystal

This is one of the first clear phones ever

LG was also one of the first companies to launch mobile devices with transparent back panels. Our protagonist is the LG Crystal, a sliding device with a transparent back that left nothing free to the imagination.

The keyboard of this Lg Crystal was actually a touch screen with letters and numbers engraved on the surface. Also, being a touch panel, you can slide your finger on the panel to navigate the device. Almost almost, as if it were science fiction.

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