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When we buy a Samsung phone, we do it trusting in the quality, advantage and recognition that the brand presents on the market, for this reason we try to make it a category or a series with a cutting-edge design that suits our needs of use, for which we agree to purchase it, as well as providing a pleasant satisfaction of service and functionality for the respective user.

One of the recently recognized series is the A range, which has an innovative design and eye-catching improvements; on the other hand, it usually happens that the vibration does not activate when we use the keyboard for this series of devices, both in an instant messaging app and in social networks.

This can occur for several reasons, one of which is that it is not activated implicitly (by factory) either because we have already deactivated it previously.

Therefore, it is used to investigate how this is process can be performed in the clearest, simplest and most effective way possible, which avoids a cumbersome or complicated procedure, so it is a function of these phones that can be very necessary.

For many people it is best to keep this keyboard function active because they are helps to facilitate the detection of certain factors such as the time, the App you are using, the purpose for which they are using the phone, even remembering what they are typing. Therefore, it is necessary to keep it active so that it generates greater security among users.

This feature is available for most of the phones from the Samsung giant, especially the serie Samsung A, i.e .: A10, A20, A30, A50, A70, etc… Therefore, the users of these mobile phones often ask how to enable or disable this additional functionality on your devices, which requires very little attention and minimal effort.

However, there are people who differ from this feature and prefer to turn it off because it is deemed unnecessary or because it interrupts its functioning, it is also claimed that it generates discomfort and loss of concentration in the activities that are taking place with the device.

So, for this we provide you a quick and easy explanation on how to activate it from our mobile phone. For any of the above cases, it is necessary to follow the following steps.

Steps to activate the keyboard vibrations of a Samsung Galaxy Android cellphone

To activate the keyboard vibration in our Samsung device we have to do it from the configuration following the following steps.

Enter the settings menu

This menu is one of the first that appears on the mobile screen, from this system application you can perform multiple actions that are in reference to what you want and that is in relation to the criteria of your mobile (brightness, contrast, screen background, font size, in addition to the vibration you can also remove the volume of the keyboard , among others).

Being here you have to go to languages ​​and text inputs, it is in this part that you can configure the language, typography, dimensions, keyboard layout and other accessories that are included there ...

Then you need to select the on-screen keyboard, choose the Samsung keyboard; later you have to check that appear the option of swipe, touch and tactile response, as this will help you get the business you are looking for.

Tactile feedback and vibration

It appears inside the slide, touch and tactile response, being inside this option you will observe and press on the latter, here go to the tactile response and vibration.

Finally being there is where the button so you can activate or turn off the vibration of the keyboard at your convenience.

You go back and leave the menu

Finally, all that remains is exit each of the options that you have entered until you reach the top of the Samsung screen again or even just press the start button to exit more easily.

All these steps which have been briefly and clearly explained serve that as a user of Samsung technology you have a pleasant experience using the products that the company offers us, as well as solving these basic details yourself.

On the other hand, we recommend that you apply these steps precisely in what you are looking for and go straight to it, verifying that your phone offers each of the options discussed in the instructions.

How to turn off the vibrations of the keyboard of an Android Samsung Galaxy mobile

The first step you need to take is to go to 'system settings'. From your Samsung phone, which you can access in several ways. Although the easiest way is to look for the 'Settings' in the bar where you can see all the applications. Once you have located your phone settings, you need to access the "General Administration" option and when you find the “Language and text input” tab, tap to view the options. 

Here we can see the "keyboard" option which is where we need to go and finally tap on it our default keyboard "Samsung Keyboard" , this action will direct us to the configuration of said keyboard. Let's go to the “Swipe, touch and touch” tab, in the “Touch Response” option we will see that the vibration is activated, we only have to deactivate it by tapping the button. 

Once this procedure is finished, we save the changes and that's it, when we enter any app that uses the keyboard we can notice that it no longer vibrates.

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