Activate WhatsApp notifications on my T500 Smartwatch - Step by step tutorial

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Among its main functions are the sports functions, similar to any training application found for mobile phones, which it may require time and measure user performance during the process in which you are exercising, heart rate measurement, oximeter function. And one of the most outstanding, the option for receive notifications of messages and applications, such as WhatsApp that you can use from your Smartwatch.

Although the latter is one of the functions with which people decide to buy a Smartwatch T500 device, many users do not know how to activate WhatsApp notifications, so the moment you receive a message from the application on your mobile device, you can view it and even answer from the T500 smartwatch. If that's the case for you, don't worry, as we'll show you below how to activate WhatsApp notifications on your smartwatch.

How to View WhatsApp Messages on a Smartwatch or Smart Watch

To activate WhatsApp notifications on your T500 Smartwatch device, the first thing you need to do is download the smartwatch application default on your mobile. To do this, you need to access the QR code from the watch and scan it on your mobile device, to get the application download link from the official Google Play Store.

Once downloaded, you will need to connect the watch to your phone via the application. Once this is done, you will be able to access the notification options of the application, and you can enable the applications you want so that you can receive them on your Smartwatch T500, enable the WhatsApp application and you will start viewing the messages you receive on your smartwatch.

Learn to synchronize your device with your Smartwatch to use WhatsApp

To sync your T500 Smartwatch with your phone, you will need to have downloaded the Smartwatch application on your phone and you will also need to turn on Bluetooth to be able to recognize the device. Once these requirements are met, within the application access the option to add device, where you will need to add the T500 Smartwatch.

To do this, press on the search button, and wait for the name of the T500 Smartwatch device to appear, once it appears on the screen, press on it and wait a few moments so they can be connected. Since both devices are connected, you can adjust the options you want.

Why WhatsApp notifications might not be displayed?

Sometimes application notifications, especially WhatsApp, have some drawbacks, as for some reason notifications are not displayed in the Smarwatch, to fix it, the reason will have to be found by selecting some options. Next we will show you how to fix these problems with WhatsApp notifications

Check permissions from "Applications"

One of the most common problems for which application notification problems occur is that the T500 Smartwatch application installed on the phone does not have the necessary permissions in order to function properly.

To activate these permissions you will need to access the system settings section on the mobile device, then in the applications part, once you have entered the list of system applications, click on the smartwatch application and choose the permissions option. Where you will need to enable all permissions required by the application, such as access to notifications and permission to run in the background.

Make sure you are connected to your mobile

You can also check if your Smartwatch T500 device is connected to your mobile phone, for this check the bluetooth option on the connected devices, or you can also check it through the watch application, inserting it and pressing on the connected devices option.

What should I do if my T500 Smartwatch does not show notifications?

If your T500 Smartwatch continues to have problems and still does not show application notifications, you can try one of these options which we will show you below:

Restart the devices

The first thing is to try to restart both devices, in case an error occurs with the Bluetooth pairing, when you turn it back on it will re-pair them again making sure that both connect correctly.

Check your internet connection

To receive notifications from WhatsApp it is necessary have a good internet connection, so that the messages can reach you, and in turn can be seen through the T500 Smartwatch.

Turn off theater mode

Theater mode is an option developed for Smartwatches, so that do not make a sound when receiving notifications and that in turn the screen does not activate when you turn your wrist to see the clock, check that this option is disabled, the device to give an alert again when you receive a message on WhatsApp or in some other application .

Re-establish the connection between the two devices

As a last resort, you can try re-establishing the Bluetooth connection between the two for this you can reset your T500 Smartwatch, or via the application by removing the connection with the T500 Smartwatch device, and then re-pairing them. With this method it is possible that the options of the T500 Smartwatch can be re-adjusted, making its functioning again efficient and in turn showing application notifications.

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