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Once Apple has launched its battery of consumer services: Arcade, TV +, Music ... even Fitness +, it's time to turn your eyes to the professional users of its devices, offering them improved or expanded versions of the services or applications. the one already included in your operating system… obviously, by making you pay for it.

It is now clear that the "Tim Cook era" is the era of services and subscriptions. While hardware continues to be central to the strategy and fundamental pillar upon which those same services are built, the offering means that they can, theoretically, be platform independent.

That is to say, obviously Fitness + or Arcade are connected to an Apple device, but nothing would prevent a web experience, or even, as is happening with Apple TV +, that independent applications could appear on TVs or consoles for fans of all kinds. Even if they don't use an Apple device, they pay the price to enjoy the exquisite production, the huge variety, or the endless fun of knowing there's no ads, no in-app purchases, etc.

Similarly, professional users, who are still plenty on Mac, plenty on iPhone, and a growing community on iPad, might find it interesting to pay for. Skills advanced e integrated which bear the mark of quality Apple and its strict policy on privacy.

As I envision a battery of Pro services that Apple might announce, the following came to mind:

Mail Pro

Mail is a wonderful program, with the distinctive Apple seal: with many features but showing only the most common ones. The business user, however, needs more: being able to see related emails without the need for research, being able to have the calendar in view to know if the meeting is feasible or the trip can be organized ... many other email programs (from Gmail to the numerous variants present in the App Store) have organizational and programming skills that leave Mail at the basic level.

What are you missing in Mail?

Professional maps

This ability is more widespread, as it is a widely used program by everyone. Interesting extras could be the mapping of building interiors, the integration of flight or train schedules, integrated hotel or restaurant reservations ...

Obviously basic things like the ability to create routes with multiple points, or even the simple inclusion of the speed allowed on each road, which other mapping applications do from the first minute, are additions that should be available to everyone.

What function could be included in the maps that take them to another level?

Contact Pro

The contacts app is fantastic… in its simplicity. But if I am a professional user, I want to be able to see other related people, or maybe be able to see the last time I spoke to that person or the last email I wrote, what other people I know from your organization ...

I also want to be able to send him a message, WhatsApp, etc. without leaving Contacts because I have no time to waste.

Or look at your latest tweets or Facebook posts in your file to be able to know firsthand what you are doing and facilitate the conversation.

What's missing from Contacts to be a Pro app?

iCloud Pro

iCloud is one of the areas where you really need a version with business in mind. As an app for individual users it is incredible, even if its storage ranges have been ridiculous for the volume of data currently held by a Mac, iPhone or iPad.

Moving the laptop "to the cloud" would be a good direction. Apple already made progress when it allowed TexEdit, etc. saved in the cloud. Now we need to increase the number of applications that can be used directly from the browser so that, wherever they are, the user can access their documents in the cloud and create, edit or print as if they were on their own computer.

What would you add to iCloud?

In other types of services, of course, there may be new services that expand what you already own or that mimic others like it. it comes to mind:

Pro Actions

Like Apple News, but focused on economics and investments. A market that is always boiling (and we are not talking about cryptocurrencies) and where independent and reliable information is always needed. Apple could do a lot there.

Podcast Pro

It is no longer a novelty, Spotify, Amazon ... all have launched their own podcasts to attract the public, but if Apple used the same criteria it has for Apple TV +, to create a paid segment to access podcasts by experts and communicators, it definitely has a market.

Apple TV live 

While it may seem unbelievable to you, this has not occurred to me (although I have fantasized publicly and privately that Apple would acquire, say, the rights to the Champions League or the Olympics). Apple itself has "announced" it: it is known that it is working with Jon Stewart in an opinion program (called "The problem with Jon"), it already has Ophra on board and certainly could continue to subscribe to build a live channel content ( which may later be watched on your regular Apple TV +) for which you will pay for yourself.

Of course, a US-based TV. It remains to be seen whether Apple would be able to organize a Hispanic channel, a Chinese channel, etc.


The key to everything lies in the integration between some services and others, with the Operating System and with the ecosystem.

Reinvent the way your contacts, calendar, email, etc. they can work together (rather than as separate applications) to facilitate the workflow of professionals could be a steady and differentiated income stream from an area where Apple doesn't stop making eternal promises.

We've heard and talked about "Apple in the company" for decades and it's something that happened pretty much by accident, more because the user strives to keep using the device that works well for him than because Apple had a clear strategy. direct to enter the corporate sector.

Gone are those announcements with IBM for the development of software for the iPhone in the company, and many others that come to mind.

Nothing at Apple suggests that this idea of ​​“letting it happen” has changed, but there has clearly been a way to make this reality profitable: executives, commercials, creatives, etc. they use Apple devices inside and outside the company.

Apple has done some basic work with data detectors, which "automagically" let the operating system know when it's a date, time, phone number, address, and so on.

Abound in the integration of contacts, related emails, calendars, etc. it would be a very clever way for a "more dormant" niche of Apple users to find reasons to pay, maybe 5, 10, ... dollars / euros for access to advanced features and capabilities.

We covered all of this and more in our podcast this week.

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