Content purchased using a subscription is not yours, says Amazon

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Even though I had never considered it, it seems other people have. And the fact that the movies they bought while subscribed to Amazon Prime weren't available when they left the subscription bothered them so much that they filed a lawsuit.

Now Amazon has presented its accusations by certifying that, in fact, you do not buy the content, but a reproduction license for an indefinite period (as long as the contract is in force, that is the subscription).

On Monday, Amazon filed a request to close a lawsuit accusing it of unfair competition and misleading advertising, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The lawsuit accuses Amazon of "secretly" reserving the right to terminate a consumer's access to Prime content.

In its arguments, Amazon claims that the actor, Amanda Caudel, has not suffered any harm from its terms of service and notes that Caudel has continued to purchase content on Prime since filing the lawsuit in April.

(Note that Amazon Prime's video service in the US is very different than what we know of. There they not only have the free content included in Prime, but they also include the rental and purchase of movies and series).

Additionally, Amazon claims that its page use agreements clearly state that users are not purchasing the content, but a "limited license for viewing on demand for an indefinite period of time."

Additionally, Amazon states that users do not have to read the terms and conditions of use to be bound by them. They just have to accept them, something that is mandatory in the registration process.

While we haven't investigated the rest of the subscription services, they certainly all work the same, and even if you "buy" something, if you stop paying the monthly payment, that something is no longer available.

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