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The College of Psychologists of Madrid warns us of problems associated with the misuse of technology:

The use of new technologies: video games, internet, cell phones and others need not be dangerous for people as long as they are used correctly. The problem arises when they are misused. An inappropriate use of ICT can lead to disorders such as Internet Addiction, Nomophobia or FOMO Syndrome.

The definition of technoaddiction would be the constant and uncontrollable desire to be connected to new technologies at all times, causing a dependence that ends up affecting and deteriorating the quality of life of the person.

Within the Addiction to New Technologies we can find different "disorders":

FOMO Syndrome: "Fear Of Missing Out", consists of the fear of missing anything that is published on social networks, forcing people who suffer from it to be connected to the Internet at all times.

Nomophobia: "No-mobile-phone phobia", it is the dependence to the cell phone.

Digital hypochondria: it is not clinically considered a disorder but consists of obsessive concern about health that leads to continually consult the Internet to confirm a disease that is believed or feared to suffer. The stress and anxiety generated by the possibility of suffering from an undiagnosed disease leads the person to be motivated to compulsively consult the Internet.