Craig Federighi talks with YOUTUBERS about iOS 15 and macOS Monterey [Updated]

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Apple's chief software engineer Craig Federighi did a series of interviews with YouTubers this week, sharing iOS 15 highlights and details with them. Each YouTuber was able to ask Federighi specific questions about the new update using FaceTime.


We add Craig Federighi's (and Joswiak) interview with Daring Fairball's John Gruber.

Andru Edwards spoke to Federighi about Apple's focus on joining iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and macOS Monterey such as SharePlay on FaceTime and Shared with You in Messages. “We have so many ideas that emerge over time, over the years. And then there comes a time when we can suddenly connect them all in a meaningful way and for the time being they're fine, and we will. This year was one of those, ”Federighi said.

TechMeOut asked Federighi which iOS 15 features he is most excited about. “I think if I had to choose right now, it would probably be SharePlay,” Federighi said. He went on to explain that he hasn't been able to use it with friends and family because Apple had to keep it a secret, so he can't wait to try it out.

French YouTuber TheiCollection spoke to Federighi about macOS Monterey and the new universal control feature that will allow you to use a single keyboard, mouse or trackpad on multiple Macs and iPad devices. Federighi said Apple is thrilled with the "zero configuration" feature that works. “It was fun to put together,” he said of Universal Control.

And Craig Federighi completed the round with short interviews with other YouTubers, including communicators from other countries:

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