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It is likely that, if you are self-employed, using a simple system, such as collecting tickets, has helped you until now.

But surely you know that complex times are coming, in which investment and spending cuts will become the norm, until consumption normalizes.

It will be necessary to have an app for business expenses where we can easily and efficiently collect all those expenses that are produced, not only to know how fast the money comes out of our pockets but to be able to apply the corrective measures that are necessary ( if they are, I sincerely wish you don't need them) and cut expenses that on other occasions would go unnoticed, not only because they are occasional but because they are small but repetitive outlays - yes, I'm thinking about the aperitif or the after-hour.

To overcome a time of cost control you need discipline, account for every penny that comes out, because they are all important, and time, to thoroughly review everything we have spent and not forget anything.

Price and availability

Expensiya is an application for the control of business expenses, used on mobile devices, available for iOS and Android.

The download is free and we will have a month to test its features.

After this period, to continue to benefit from its ease of use, we will have to subscribe to one of the plans offered by the company.

There are currently three subscription plans: Silver, Gold and Premium.

The Silver plan costs € 5 per month, the Gold plan costs € 8 per month and the Premium plan is quoted on request.

Logically, as we update the features, functionality and integrations with other third party programs like QuickBooks, Sage, Oracle, SAP, etc. They are increasing and it will depend on our needs to choose one plan or the other.

You can see the functions that each of the three subscription programs allow, in order to compare them, here

How the Expensiya app works

One of the things we liked about the Expensiya app is how easy it was to set up and how quickly we were prepared to start accounting for expenses.

At the time of download, we are asked to provide an email and some minimum personal data to set up the account (you do not need to enter any form of payment).

There is in fact a screen where we are asked to provide data about our company but you can ignore that screen without providing any and start using the app.

As soon as we get past that screen, we will be in front of the interface to start adding expenses.

We guarantee access to the camera and to photograph tickets!

The program scans the document for relevant information and automatically fills in the fields.

It is done. That's all.

So you can, if you need to, manually edit a field or add more information.

The app also allows us to keep track of the car fleet we have, or - if we receive expense invoices via email, send them to an address due to their scarcity and integration into our app.

This method is atypical, so you have to send invoices with our personal data to an unknown destination. It would make more sense to upload it to some sort of private cloud of our user, where the same software could do its job. 

If we touch the button with the + symbol, located in the lower right part of the window, we access the creation of specific reports that help us to have the expenses grouped by "consistent units". 

These are the options:

Camera, which allows you to photograph a single expense, multiple expenses, or a multi-page document.

Manual introduction, where we can reflect an expense by manually entering each of the data. The program itself advises against this, suggesting that you take a picture and let it extract the vast majority of the data.

Car travel. Create a report reflecting mileage and expenses directly attributable to transportation.

Business trip. We will choose this option to create a specific report to collect all relevant expenses.


Expensya is an enterprise data management app that offers a broad gradation of the level of complexity that every user needs or seeks.

From the simple photo reflecting the expense to the awarding of each expense on a specific project, you can be as accurate as you want and Expenseya will accompany you all the way.

Plus, its generous one-month trial period offers plenty of space to see us in all normal work situations and see if it offers us what we need.

If you need a business expense tracking app, check out Expensiya.

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