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But beyond all this, in many places and especially in developed or developing countries, we detail how the technology appears to us in its entirety and in a very meticulous way but significant. For example, you can see huge screens with advertisements, ticket vendors for public transport that work on their own and much more ...

However, it has already been advanced at great speed that a lot of information can be stored in small devices, which are also convenient and multifunctional; then on the basis of these needs of the community small prototypes were designed which adapt easily to people and are light; That is why digital watches have been created, which allow them to perform many functions. You can find them in different styles, brands and colors.

Here we specify the Smartwatch model T500, manufactured by Soulusic, a Japanese brand dedicated to the creation of these watches. Maybe you have one and want to have it, so we'll give you more detailed information about its features, prices, where to find it, etc.

The T500 Smartwatch in the price-performance ratio, is it good?

It is believed that these digital watch models regarding their quality condition are highly proven and hence the demand for them, where there is ease of use whether by activating notifications, synchronizing with mobile or charging; And as for its price, it really is considered affordable than other brands or models. Its price can range from 40 to 55 US dollars and its useful life, depending on the quality, is about 2 or 3 years.

What is special about the T500 Smartwatch?

This type of digital clock allows you to play some functions that characterize them and for which they have become one of the best positioned on the market and also highly recommended by users.

  • Bring a tracker to help with loss and prevent this from happening
  • It is adaptable to multiple languages ​​from around the world
  • You can have at your fingertips: calendar, calculator, alarm clock, contacts, photos, weather, temperature, blood pressure, oxygen in the blood, distance ...
  • Contains styles that can be adapted to your personality
  • It achieves compatibility with both Android and iOS systems

Where can I find or buy this watch at the best price?

If you are not a customer or a consumer who prefers to take a walk and visit different places or places where you can get it and then find the best price, you can go to the original store of this brand or order it through its delivery service to your door.

Opportunities can also be acquired by shopping on the internet, since many people who post there compete and sell for so many quantities that its retail price is much cheaper than going to a physical store and buy it. For this you can go into Amazon and be able to compare offers, prices, shipping payment and more, in order to calculate a cost that is more feasible for you to cancel; Note that on the web you can find sites with many offers and discounts that make you save money or promotions so that you can also take advantage of the purchase for your family.

What is included when you buy this watch in the box?

There isn't much that a smart device of this size offers us, however it is enough for your needs. The main thing is the presentation provided by the box, once opened you will be able to see the strap which will be the bracelet and a small square of the touch screen which is the panel or the watch as such. In addition to this, bring a charger and its respective instructions for use, below we will give you more details.

Smartwatch T500 plus

This type of smartwatch belongs to the high end of these, where you can find many more functions than the traditional one and find such a great degree of kinship compared to its competition which is Apple. Some of the activities you can do include receiving calls, text messages or messages from social networks like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc… It can also be easily purchased online.

Silicone strap

The T500 Smartwatches have in their box a strap that can be of different colors, which are made of silicone or plastic material; These can be exchanged based on your use of them and you can also combine them with your current clothes. The most sought after are black and white, which, as many users say, goes well with everything, but there is also another variety of ranges that includes pastel and vibrant colors.

Magnetic charging cable with pin and USB termination

In the case of these watches, an advantage they bring is that they are rechargeable and not with conventional batteries; For this reason in its package there is a charging cable that on one side has a circle with pin and on the other a USB input. This means you can plug it into a connector or dock with a USB port and charge it easily.

User manual with instructions in English

It also carries inside the package an instruction manual provided in English with the instructions for use, the detailed information of each part that composes it, the power-up and programming process, how to charge and more; so if you don't know this language, you can quickly translate it online and you will understand it in a better way to give it an optimal and appropriate use.

White packing box

A feature of the digital watches of this brand is that the boxes they come in are completely white, both outside and inside. In addition, they carry a photo of the T500 on the outside with its name and respective brand logo.

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