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Nikon offers ten free photography courses during the month of May.

Nikon School's ten virtual photography courses cover topics such as landscape photography, portraying children and pets, as well as creating video content.

The durations range from fifteen minutes to an hour. Some talk about specific Nikon products, but everyone can find general photography principles that you can apply even if you don't have a Nikon camera.

To access it you need to register on the Nikon School website.

Since we are talking about Nikon, it is also noteworthy that they are broadcasting their collection of conferences »The Best of Nikon Live« for free, a collection of video presentations by professional photographers such as the four-time Pulitzer Prize winner and photographer of the Washington Post, Carol Guzy.

The videos focus on technical tips like 'Professional Camera Setup Tips' and other 'inspirational' topics like 'The importance of finding your style'.

These videos can be viewed for free on the Nikon website, along with a new platform called 'Creator's Hour', which broadcasts one-hour videos twice a week of Nikon ambassadors talking about their best work.

The website also has a collection of videos where professional photographers themselves explain how they stay creative despite confinement.

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