How a homemade USB hub works to multiply ports by four

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Times of change

The main reason this connector change is made is because, although both the USB and the PS / 2 have the same goal (connect the keyboard or mouse to the computer), the performance of these accessories on your computer is significant.

Or at least, starting from that premise, keyboards and mice with USB connection are sold. Despite this, several gamers have experimented with the performance of keyboards with PS / 2 and USB connections, coming to the conclusion that, in terms of response time, there are no major differences.

However, it does exist when disconnecting and reconnecting a keyboard or mouse with a PS / 2 connection, being necessary restart your computer in so that these devices can work again, which is not the case with those with a USB connection.

The higher the connections, the higher the performance

Although USB connectors have not undergone major cosmetic changes, they have undergone an extraordinary evolution. Today there are devices that use the tech USB 3.0 or higher, which promises higher performance.

This type of technology is mainly used in pen drivers, portable hard drives or any other storage device. If the USB technology of the device and your computer match, the transfer times of heavy files will be drastically reduced.

The problem is, people need to connect multiple devices and computers don't have larger USB connection ports, having to sacrifice a device and disconnect it for it… but there are alternatives. Read on and find out how it works and you can take advantage of a homemade USB hub.

USB hub, plug in as many as you like

One of the best features of USB connectivity is that you can connect and use different types of devices at the same time and this does not mean that the performance of the connection can be compromised by this.

Under this enormous advantage and given the need to connect different devices with USB technology, the USB hub was launched on the market. What is it about? Simple, imagine a strip through which you can connect your TV, phone charger, computer, among others… now imagine that same strip, but instead of power connectors, they are USB connectors.

How many do you need?

This amazing tool gives you the ability to connect a large number of devices simultaneously via USB connection. When you search for them, you will find all sizes and colors, as they vary according to your needs.

The main reason they vary so much is because, the more ports, the higher the voltage, which must be distributed in order to operate the ports to which a device is connected, an aspect to be taken into consideration to ensure the correct functioning of the Hub.

Two, four… up to ten doors! This spectacular tool, especially for those laptop users, which can be very limited when making different connections of USB devices.

To cover any need

Some manufacturers have gone further and, in addition to inserting a large number of USB connections, have tried to turn this tool into something much more complete. How was this possible? Naturally, adding other types of connectors, such as an HDMI and SD or Micro SD card slot. After that, it would only be necessary to increase the file transfer speed of your USB for more efficient work.

Don't have your own USB hub yet?

The USB hub is an extremely useful tool, not just for computers. Also, if it has other types of connectors (such as HDMI), it can be used to connect consoles and other types of devices to your TV. Representing, without a doubt, an ideal solution to the need to connect several devices, take your!

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