How and where to buy bits on Twitch to donate - Buy and donate bits

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Now, if you are already a regular visitor to this page or have already created your account on Twitch, you should know what the term bit is about, if not, we will explain it here. The so-called bits are a type of virtual currency that is given to the flows for the work they do and the bits can then be exchanged for cash, through the payment method of your choice.

But it's not very easy to earn these bits when you start out, since you must have built a big and strong community. And even more so if you don't have bits you will never be able to collaborate with those streams that might entertain you with their videos, so let's see what we need to do to how and where to buy Bits on Twitch to donate - Buy and donate Bits.

How and where to buy bits on Twitch to donate - Buy and donate bits

Now let's explain some terms well so that we can understand how this all works on this page. As we have already mentioned, the so-called Twitch is a type of currency that is used on the platform, which you can get if you buy it with real money. These bits that you have purchased are delivered to those who make video broadcasts, but via the well-known cheering.

Now, to be able to donate a little on Twitch, you must first purchase it and know that it is very important to do this practice on the page. Since with this directly animate the work which costs streamers to keep you entertained. And that's one of the main reasons Twitch is what it is today.

There are many creators or contributors on Twitch who make their living by creating content and monetizing streams. Let's now explain the steps you need to follow in order to buy bit and then donate it to your favorite videos.

Steps to buy bits on Twitch and make donations

As we have already said, to make your donations it is important that you shopping before i bit and for this to be possible you must follow these instructions. First of all, go to the official Twitch page, start your session and join your channel. The next step is to go to a broadcast and at the top right you will find the Get Bits option.

Now you need to select the amount of bits you wish to purchase and you will be shown the monetary value these bits represent. Subsequently you will be shown the payment method which you can use to cancel the bits. It is recommended to use PayPal and follow the steps indicated on the page to complete the payment of the bits.

Once this process is done, you will have to wait a few minutes for the amount of bits you need to show in your inventory. Once they show up, you can donate the bits to yours favorite streams and if you contribute your daily hard work. To do this you just have to write Cheers and follow the amount of bits you will donate to this creator.

Remember that if you write the wrong number and instead of writing 100 write 1000, you will have up to 5 seconds to make the change. Otherwise, if you have this amount of bits in your account, you won't be able to cancel the transaction.

Now you know it's possible buy bits to donate to those creators who give you those moments of fun on Twitch. And so we finish the tutorial that I can show you how and where to buy bits on Twitch to make donations - Buy and donate bits.

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