How and where to pay or my Crunchyroll subscription?

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Content that must also be of quality and up-to-date. Based on this, Crunchyroll was born, a platform designed with the sole purpose of supporting all those fans of anime.

This platform leverages the loyalty and variety of this audience in order to compete with Netflix, becoming a special place where users can find the content they want and which, in turn, can be viewed 24 hours a day. paid subscription month by month.

Crunchyroll is currently one of the most recommended places on the internet to find the latest news from the animation industry Japanese.

How it works and what is the cost of the subscription

Crunchyroll is known as a streaming service, however, this isn't the only service this platform offers.

Inside the page it is also possible to legally read i manga. In addition to this, it offers a news section, which is one of the big news, as in general all the announcements, news and previews that fans generally want and want to know are reviewed. But above all, you can download Crunchyroll both on your pc and on your mobile, even on your smart TV.

Inside his interfaceWhile basic, it is quite functional, which is why it includes a slider that shows its users the most popular titles that are currently hosted within the portal.

Likewise, it is known that within its platform it is possible to have a large list of simulcasts, which are episodes of a specific anime that is currently in wave or which, failing that, has a quick launch on the television Japanese.

The platform has three types of users, which you can choose once you have entered the site. One of them is completely free and the other two are paid.

The free user grants you access to a limited portion that has various content within the page, such as i simulcast, which are not available to be seen on the same day as their premiere and on the other hand, there is advertising, which is mandatory within the player.

However, those people who have a paid membership don't have any kind of limitations and you also have access to see all the anime available within the platform. Likewise, with the Premium subscription, you have the option to increase the quality of the said stream up to 1080p.

How and where to pay for my subscription?

Payment platforms for subscriptions are quite extensive, so it is accepted that purchases are made through the use of various credit cards, as well as iTunes and Paypal.

If you reside in Chile, they accept that payments are made directly within the Zmart stores, with which you also have the possibility to acquire different prepaid codes that are used for Premium subscriptions.

If you are in Mexico you can easily find different prepaid cards for sale in multiple stores across the country and you can too have payments via GestoPago or ToditoCash. In countries like Colombia, you can also access various cards at authorized kiosks and shops.

On the other hand, in Spain you can make your payments via prepaid cards at Omega Center. These are the various and multiple options you can choose to access the Crunchyroll service, if you have any more questions you can go to its official page and clarify your more specific doubts.

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