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La communication it started to be much more fluid and everyone could interact with everyone and, most surprisingly, in real time. Sharing photos, videos and messages became more and more daily, until it reached the point where it was no longer a single social network but hundreds and on the rise.

With such a large market, only a few are well received by consumers. These stand out among others to show something different, new and innovative that make our communications more and more pleasant.

How can I add friends or people on Snapchat?

Snapchat is one such social network that has been very well received by the public since its creation and launch, launched in 2011. To the point of becoming one of the most used with 1.660 millions of active users everyday.

This social network stands out among others, for having a number of very new functions and features. For example, the possibility for messages and images to remain on the platform only for a specific time, determined by each user.

In addition to adding filters to your photos or videos. , allow us to edit images and videos with the ability to share them among our contacts and the ability to download them to your phone. Snapchat has positioned itself as one of the most used applications in the world since it also allows you to send private text messages to your friends.

It is available for the most used Smartphone operating systems, such as Android and iOS, so Free subscription. It is important to note that this platform only allows users over the age of 13.

Its level of success is indisputable, which is why it is extremely important to have a thorough knowledge of this application. In this article we will focus on how to add friends or people on Snapchat, using different methods and explaining in detail the steps to follow.

Steps to add friends or people on Snapchat

After downloading the application on our mobile phones, it's time to start adding contacts, our friends or the people we want.

There are several methods to perform this action of adding contacts, which will be explained in detail, step by step.

Add friends or people on Snapchat by username

To add people through this method, the first thing we need to do is open the application, once we are in the main Snapchat screen, we don't go to the second option Add friends and select it.

Then we click on the first option Add by username, a bar will appear where we will write the name of the person we want to add. Once found, we do click on the sign (+) And that's it.

Add friends or people on Snapchat via contact list

To add people from our contact list, go to the main screen and select Add friends. Then we click on the second option Add from Address Book.

Here we will see the contacts we have registered on our Smartphone, specifically those who have an account on Snapchat. We just search for the people we want to add, click on the (+) icon and that's it.

Add friends or people on Snapchat via Snapcode

The Snapcode is an icon with a specific code that Snaptube provides for each user. To add people in this way just go to the Snaptube main page and with the camera let's scan the code of the person we want to add.

Add friends or people on Snapchat who are close to us

With this option we can add contacts who are in a moderate distance range, for this option to work other people must have this option enabled. Clarified this, let's go to the first Snaptube main screen.

Then we select Add friends and let's go to the last option Add nearby (Add nearby) click. We will get all the people who are in our range, finally we mark the plus element (+), in which we want to add. Ready, we learned how to add contacts on Snapchat.

Once you sign up for Snapchat, the app may collect Snapchat personal data when you sign up and log in.

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