How can I block access to the Facebook application on my mobile

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At this stage of their life, they are very curious and want to know everything, which makes them more vulnerable, for unlike an adult, when they are very young they do not know how to detect the danger of their actions or make wise decisions.

Why is it necessary to block Facebook applications?

As we said before, even if it is a useful social network, caution is needed when it is used especially for the little ones. Facebook contains several applications that are not necessary and the most sensible thing would be to block them. Among these applications we have:

  • Public profile: When you create an account on this social network, Facebook by default creates it publicly, i.e. anyone can have access to your information, photos and everything that is published and it will stay on the network. This gets pretty dangerous as there are malicious people who can edit a photo and even use it as child pornography.
  • Likes: Many people, especially younger ones, are obsessed with having a lot of likes in their posts, which can lead to them posting unethical content just for popularity.
  • Security: although it is true that Facebook has an obligation to create an account to have 13 years or older, many children create older fake accounts to log into this network while Facebook doesn't take the time to verify these accounts. So children in these networks are exposed to the dangers of talking to strangers without knowing their intentions.
  • Status quo: Many of the people who have accounts on this social network love to have their own huge list of friends, especially the little ones. This leads them to accept requests from anyone, regardless of whether they know them or not. This desire to be popular leads many to expose themselves to the danger of talk to strangers and to have conversations of any kind.
  • Intruders: Many people post their positions without knowing the danger this entails. They are exposed to anyone who knows exactly where they live and this makes them vulnerable to any danger. People who don't see the danger of this are exposed to talking to strangers without knowing what intentions they are doing it with and can even arrange a date to meet up. These people are easy prey for criminals who use this network to harm other people.
  • Future implications: As Facebook is a fairly popular network especially for young people, many universities and scholarship providers choose to review the profiles of those who have applied to determine whether or not they will be admitted. So it is important to keep in mind that everything posted on this social networks it can become harmful for the future.

How to block Facebook applications?

Taking into account all dangers to which it may be exposed a person if he has no limits on Facebook, it is normal that you want to know how to block these applications to be safer and above all to protect the little ones. That's why in this article we'll show you how to do it:

Step 1

The first thing you should do is go to the settings of your mobile phone and look for the one called General settings in the options.

Step 2

Now you have to go up Restrictions and click this option. This will ask you to enter a 4-digit code.

3 pass

If this is your first time accessing settings for the first time, you have to create a code or use the same one you created in the previous step. Now you need to scroll until you find the Application Installation option and disable it.

These small steps must be used on a mobile phone and will block the Facebook application, but it can still be used on a computer with any web browser. But it is possible it is also possible to block a specific web page on your mobile

So, if you want to block this application on your computer as well, then you need to install a Facebook blocking application on the baby system if you don't want me to use this network.

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