How can I change the type and color of the letters on Facebook quickly and easily?

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Making changes to Facebook letter types and colors is something you've been wanting to do for years, the blue color inside has already gotten a bit monotonous. But today, thanks to an amazing tool, we can make these changes. And we will do this through a web page that will allow you to change the color and font of Facebook.

In a previous article we showed you how interesting it is to take 3D photos to upload them to Facebook from your mobile. But now the page we will use offers us up to 33 different types of letters and we can use whatever we want at that moment. And in this way, we give our publications that personal touch we have always wanted.

How can I change the type and color of the letters on Facebook quickly and easily?

We have always wanted to stand out and that our publications are not always the same and there are pages that offer you the change of letters or the inclusion of symbols on Facebook. Of course, if you have some programming knowledge, you can make these changes perfectly. But we're going to use a page that will do all the work for us.

We always believe that the easy thing does not exist and that if it is easy it is the payment, but in this case none of this is valid. Being a very simple page to use, it is very little known, but once you start using it and making your publications. Everyone will ask you to share that trick you need with them change type and color of letters on Facebook quickly and easily.

Steps to change the type and color of the letters on Facebook

Next we will show you the steps you need to follow and first you need to enter the next page. Once this is done, you will see that there is a bar at the top of the page. In it you need to write the message you want to post on the social network Facebook, so far everything is very simple.

After writing the message, you will see on the right side of the bar a grayed out option that says Show or show if you are translated. You have to click on this option and your message will be shown written with the different types of letters that exist on the page. As we have already said, you can choose from 33 different types of letters.

Now you just have to choose the font you like best, blend the text, copy it and now you have to log into your Facebook account and paste it. You realize how simple it is, but you may realize that you can paste this message on another social network or messaging platform or wherever you want, after pasting you just have to post and that's it.

This page, which is responsible for converting the text, is created by Unicode group and it also allows you to transform the text into other languages ​​like Chinese, Japanese, etc. So this page was not created to change Facebook letters. Since we have verified that you can do this for another direct messaging platform.

This is how we finish this article which showed you how to use this great page, which will help me make a major change to my publications. Best of all, it's easy to use and it won't take me long to convert. And so you learned how can i change the type and color of the letters on facebook quickly and easily.

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