How can I delete or delete Snapchat history?

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Although Snapchat is the most used application by young audiences, since everything you share remains on the platform for a very short time before being deleted, it may happen that you do not want some data to be saved.

To be able to delete your search history, enter the settings, located at the top right of the screen. In the menu you have, click on " Delete conversations "And finally on" Ok " to confirm.
Whenever you search for something, it is saved:

  • Your approximate location.
  • The weather.

After seven days, save a less certain value of your position for 23 days.
You can delete this information from “Settings> Delete Search History”. Snapchat history includes recently sent and received Snaps, sender, recipient, Snap type, and date.

How can I delete Snapchat messages

If you want to delete one Snaps you've posted in the past 90 days in your story, you should go to “Settings> Snaps of our story” to view the Snaps

Find and select the one you want to delete. Click on the trash can, remember that it will also be deleted from the search and from the Map.

You can delete any Snap or chat at any time. Just go to the chat you want to delete, hold it down and click " Delete ". However, snaps and chats are automatically deleted after being viewed or expired.

In the case of snaps, they are deleted by default once they have been viewed by all recipients. In case they haven't read them, they will come canceled after 30 days. If it was sent to a group, it will be deleted after 24 hours if they have not been opened.

For individual chats, they will be deleted when both are opened and exited the Chats screen by default. However, you can change the settings so that they are deleted after 24 hours from the settings.

However, individual chat messages that haven't been opened after 30 days will be deleted. In group chats, messages will be deleted after 24 hours, even if they haven't been seen by everyone.

You can save a Chat message by holding it down, they will be displayed with a gray background. Also, if you want to stop saving, press and hold it.

How to delete other items on Snapchat

Stories, like in other social networks, remain only for 24 hours and you can delete them at any time. Keep in mind that your story can have alone up to 1000 shots. If it passes, the newer snaps will replace the older ones. However, you have the option to remove them from a story.

Another important piece of information is that other people who see your story can take a screenshot of it. Snapchat also saves the memories so you can view them whenever you want during the backup. But if you delete them, this app's servers will delete it at the moment, so you can't access it again.

Memories keeps the Snaps and Stories you save so you can recall them whenever you want. Snapchat backs up your memories.

As you can see, you can delete or delete the history of everything Snapchat happens to protect your privacy. If you have any questions about this tutorial, leave it in the comments.

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