How can I upload a video to Twitter from my PC?

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In fact, today i videos and images they are very popular on this platform. In fact, they take up most of the time consumed by Twitter users, which is why many people want to know how to upload videos to their accounts, today you will learn how to do it.

The evolution of Twitter

Twitter is a platform with more than a decade, it has been Founded in 2006 and many things have changed since then.

Continuous advancements make the page completely different from what it was at the time. In any case, these updates have been made in such a way that the essence of Twitter is still there.

Some of the major changes the platform saw were the ability to upload images and later share videos. The latter option is very popular, since there are many videos on Twitter have gone viral.

If you want to join this trend, consider that it is not only possible to download videos to your mobile with Android, but can also upload them to Twitter. Read this tutorial carefully where you will learn how to do it from your computer.

How can I upload a video to Twitter from my PC?

With older versions of Twitter for PC, the video upload process is very complicated. In any case, in the latest updates this has been made a lot easier, so you won't need any additional software or complex methods to upload your videos to the platform.

Follow these steps to upload all your videos to Twitter:

  1. The first thing you should definitely do is enter to your account, run this procedure normally.
  2. If you are at the top of your screen, which is the space intended to write our Tweets, you will notice that there are several options to add multimedia content.
  3. Among these options you will find the one to add images, which will also be used for add videos. You can easily recognize this little icon, because it is in the first position.
  4. After pressing it, a screen will appear asking you to select the video you want to upload. Search for the aforementioned video on your computer, click on it and click on the option You open.
  5. The video will appear on your Twitter, now you just need to click on Tweet. Wait for the time it takes for the video to load completely, after which it will appear in your published tweets.

Keep in mind that this tutorial it is meant for the computer, in case you want to do it on your mobile, read this guide to record Twitter videos from Android, which is also very easy to do.

You should consider ...

Videos you upload to Twitter upload as you have archived them. In other words, the platform doesn't allow you to change anything in the videos you post, so you have to try to have them edited correctly before loading them onto the platform.

Not all formats are supported

Another aspect to keep in mind is that many formats are not compatible with Twitter web platform. In case your video fails to upload, it may need to be converted before posting to your feed.

Fortunately, the conversion process can be made very simple, since you can change the format of a video without any programs for free and online. On the other hand, if the video is in a suitable size, like MP4, you shouldn't have any major drawbacks.

In any case, the best thing would be to inform you about the types of video formats that exist, so that you can choose the one that suits you best to select when you upload it to your favorite social network.

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