How do I free up space in my Mac's RAM? - Quick and easy

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If your Mac or laptop computer is experiencing slow or sluggish operation issues, the most likely thing happening is that it has a overload in RAM memory. In this article we show you How to free up space in my Mac's RAM memory, in the easiest and fastest way.

Mac devices, be they desktops or laptops, are equipped to tackle multiple jobs with huge amounts of resources and applications in parallel.

Ideally, especially when you are a professional, it is that the different applications and programs that are kept open simultaneously on your computer, operate with the required speed and accessibility.

However, this is not always the case. The computer slows down and applications slow down. Typically, what happens in these cases is that the RAM memory is overloaded.

Just as excess RAM space slows down your computer, so too little storage space, so it is recommended that you free up or increase the storage space.

Random access memory

"Random Access Memory" for its acronym in English RAM or " Random Access Memory Is what is known as the engine memory of all electronic devices.

Allows most of the software, as well as the operating system, to run when the equipment is turned on and in operation.

It is also called volatile memory, as it allows you to store data and information of programs in use, but this data and information disappears when the device is disconnected. that's how free RAM memory when Mac overload occurs.

When working with many applications and programs open at the same time, it usually happens, in general, that the RAM memory is overloaded with information, which causes the device to lose speed. What to do when this happens?

Symptoms of RAM problems

How can you know if the problems your Mac desktop or laptop is facing are due to lack of RAM space or some other problem?

There are several symptoms, some visual and some operative, that can prevent you from having, no doubt, problems with RAM memory of your device. Therefore, here we tell you what to do if you decide to free up some space in RAM.

One of them is when you try to make the cursor work in a specific program and the famous spinning ball is presented. Another visual warning is when the message " The system ran out of application memory ". Operational alerts include slowing the loading time of programs and tools and when some applications start crashing.

How do I free up space in my Mac's RAM?

The first thing to do, when these problems appear, is take it easy. Before taking drastic measures, such as going to the nearest technical service shop or purchasing and installing more RAM memory on your computer. Restarting your device, so simple, should be the first step if you want to free up RAM space.

If your Mac continues to have problems, it may be necessary "clean up" the memory. But don't worry, you don't need to use specific applications or programs for this. Usually the following steps are sufficient:

  • The first step is to open a terminal window on the Mac device and activate the following commands: “cd  Desktop /,“ Touch Purge ”,“ pico Purge ”
  • This way you can go to the directory "Desktop" and enable a new file called "Purge". As a third step, in the "Purge" that you can edit, insert the file: “#! / Bin / sh ”
  • This command "Remove" it is what warns the operating system to proceed with the elimination of the RAM memory. Press the controls "Control + O" to proceed with saving the file in the main screen e “Control + X " to exit.

From now on, every time you launch the file stored on your device's desktop, the your Mac will proceed to free up RAM. This way we show you simple and easy ways to free up space in your Mac's RAM memory.

Once you've freed up space in your RAM, you can continue downloading and enjoying games like Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout, popular this season.

While it needs to be done by a specialist, you also have the ability to access your MacBook's BIOS to be able to make specific changes to your computer's control.

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