How do I hide my friends from seeing the things I like on Facebook?

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If you are an avid user of social networks, you will surely have heard or read about the initiative to eliminate the possibility that your followers see your likes. Plus, although this world has not yet been seen without likes, you can already hide the things you like on Facebook.

Just as if you are a user of a Tinder account and don't want all your friends and family to know, Facebook also offers you the option to hide this information.

This initiative, which It allows alone owners of their accounts to see who they like, is started with the aim of making networks more positive. Today the number of likes you receive means how popular you are. And many people have gotten so carried away by this that Instagram, the forerunner of this movement, wants users to leave rivalries in the past.

Hide likes everywhere

It is in fact an extension for Chrome and Firefox which allows the user to hide the likes and any other popularity meter within the networks.

Works with any social network, too YouTube o Twitter. When you install it, you just have to indicate which network you want to apply these changes to.

You can hide from your followers the number of views, the number of times a content has been shared, the number of followers. And applied to Twitter, for example, the number of retweets.

You can also hide all of this from yourself so that you are not so aware of the opinion of others. This is one of the ways you can hide them from seeing the things you like on Facebook.

Methods to hide them from seeing the things you like on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular networks with a large amount of information on the go every day. Being able to hide them from seeing the things you like about them Facebook it also acts as a security and privacy barrier. Believe it or not, third parties other than your followers or close friends seeing things you like can carry a risk.

The good thing is, this social network no longer waits and you can disable, hide and even delete Mi like it of a page you have in a simple way. All within its settings and you can do it from your phone if you want.

Just as you protect yourself, you also protect your acquaintances, friends and family, this can be done by hiding your follower list from your Facebook page.

Disable page likes

  • Of course, you need to log into Facebook, once there, go up "Settings" that you located at the top right of the page. It is the down arrow icon.
  • Choose again "Settings". From the options displayed, go to "Ads settings" and there, "Ads which include your social actions ".
  • You can choose between "Just friends" o "Nobody". Using this option, you can hide the things you like on Facebook from all those pages you follow. Likewise, they will be denied access to comments or recommendations and to any content you share.

Hide likes in your profile

  • In the login session, go to "Profile" and select "Other" than yes find under the option " Registro atasità ".

  • In the window "Other", go up " Manage sections ”At the bottom of the list. There, look for " I like it ”And you will see how there is a box to disable this option, you just have to check it. Therefore, you will make sure that people who access your profile cannot post your likes.

Remove likes from your pages

Everyone wants to share their preferences and comment on a post on Facebook and that can leave you exposed to someone who locates you by name, that's why we recommend disabling Facebook page likes.

  • When you log in, from your profile or main page, go to "Activity log". In the left section, choose "Pages" and then "Pages, Likes and Interests".
  • If you do this from your mobile, the option is "Filter" and then "I like it". Here you will see a list of all the pages and interests that you liked and in chronological order.
  • In the arrow icon, make your selection for each so that options appear for each. You can choose between "Hide from bio" and "Remove".

Security is key when we enter the world of social networks, there are many people who like to share their information with their closest friends and acquaintances, and in this way they prevent everyone from seeing what you post, Facebook is very coincident with this and that is because it gives you the ability to make your photos private.

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