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Security is a very important issue, as in the world of computing there are many ways your private information can be stolen. That's why tech companies choose to improve their privacy policies and empower the user to manage their data.

Many see the privacy on the Internet as impossible, a battle almost completely lost. Of course, it is important to be careful when providing personal information, as all pages are untrustworthy.

While it is true that there are programs that protect you from direct attacks, there are many ways a hacker can get into your system.

We will talk about the programs that can filter the information on your device, leaving you vulnerable. These are search engines, thanks to a law passed in the United States, digital companies can sell your information without your prior consent.

There may be people who don't give your privacy due importance on the net, however this is a serious mistake. If you don't take care of your data, they can steal your personal information, steal your identity, they could even hack your credit cards.

This situation is obviously alarming as it leaves users browsing in Internet without any protection . So you wonder how to know if your computer's browser is leaking information?

Also keep in mind that for security measures you have to hide personal information on the Windows screen, especially if you share it with other people, the following article teaches you how to hide my personal information from the start screen in Windows 10.

What is Are You Identifiable?

La Internet security it is simply superficial and unreliable, which is why this page was born that allows anyone to check their connection. It will tell you if your search engine loses personal information without your consent through a very simple TEST.

What the page will do is collect history data to see which websites you have entered your personal information on. It will then assess whether those sites are safe or whether the search engine provides this information to others.

So in a short time you will know if they fit you spying thanks to this page, it is very useful and we will show you how to use it with this guide. In this guide we will explain how to use a web page that alerts you if your information is disclosed or not.

How to use Are you identifiable?

The operation of this site is very simple and in a short time you can take the test by following our guide, then enter the page. You can do this by typing »You are identifiable» and you just have to follow the steps that we will show you so that you can check if your web browser is reliable or not.

Step 1

Once inside the page, be sure to read the terms of use. Also note the checkbox “Check which websites I'm logged into. Your browser will silently visit these sites « is enabled. After seeing that everything is fine, you need to click where it says "I agree, try my browser!" and wait for the page to load.

Step 2

When the page has stopped loading, the parsing process will begin where the test it will look for places where the search engine is vulnerable. After analyzing the different categories through which information can be filtered, the page will provide you with a vulnerability report.

Everything, including extensions, will be analyzed to see where they lose your information and therefore be able to correct them. And done with these 2 steps you will be able to know if your browser is filtering your personal data or if you are vulnerable to hackers.

We hope you enjoy this guide you helpful and that this powerful tool helps you maintain privacy while browsing the web.

How to surf the Internet more securely?

If you want to know other ways to stay safe while connected to the internet, start by configuring and improving the connection security of your WiFi router and also learn how to hide your network from hunters. So that it is more secure and your connection is of better quality. It is also important that you know how to configure your PC's security and privacy while browsing the Internet. Surely by following the steps in this article you will see that the security of your connection will be greater than before.

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