How do I know if I've been blocked in Hangouts?

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There are platforms that have been created and have evolved over time and one of them is Google Hangouts. In the next tutorial we will explain something about this application that you may not know and it is so that i can know if i have been stuck in Hangouts.

Is that we increasingly need to get more from companies that offer us instant communication and apparently the big hook for attracting new followers is the video calls. It is that we are no longer satisfied with reading messages or listening to voice notes. Now we want to see our interlocutor as we speak.

But like any application like Google Hangouts where we have to interact with a lot of people, these applications offer the ability to block any contact. This usually happens often and it is possible that this is happening to us. That's why we will show you very easily how do i know if i have been stuck in hangouts.

How do I know if I've been blocked in Hangouts?

And when we talk about how common it is, we must remember that at some point we also blocked or deleted someone in another App or social network. The tricky thing here is that it is happening to us and this must be inconceivable. And performing this procedure of blocking a contact turns out to be very easy to do.

But, as always the blessed but must appear, we will tell you that knowing the opposite is knowing if I have been stuck in Hangouts. It can be a real headache if you don't know what procedure to do to find out. And then we will name the simple steps you need to do.

First you need to go to the application Google Hangouts and start the session as you always do, when you are in it, you will create a clip or click on Chat. Now what you need to do is select the contact you think you are has blocked. And then you will write a short message, what you want to send to this contact.

Check if we've been blocked in Google Hangouts

After having sent the message, you will send it to your contact and you just have to wait, if your contact has blocked you. You will receive a message with the following information, “The message was not delivered because the other person blocked you. This will confirm that he blocked you and you knew this in a very simple way.

This is the only way to know when you have been blocked, because sometimes we can deduce it from certain behaviors in the application. For example, when you do what we just did and several days go by and you get no response. And you can see that your message has not been read yet, so due to this situation we think we have been blocked.

It often happens to us too to get confused and think we have been blocked from another contact. When you have sent him a message and the balloon icon becomes scura, even this does not indicate that you have been blocked. As we told you, the only way to know if you've been stuck in Hangouts is to perform the operation we just taught you.

And in this so simple, very fast and hassle-free way you can know if any contact blocked you in Google Hangouts. Simply follow the steps that we will gladly explain here and apply it to all your contacts and that way you will know which of them blocked you.

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