How do I know if my mobile screen has 90Hz or 120Hz?

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Do you want to know if you have a 90Hz or 120Hz mobile phone? This is one stat you will surely want to know if you are a fan of image performance in games.

The image refresh rate is a very important factor when it comes to the graphics of the device and being aware of its abilities can be helpful.

If you want to know if your phone is useful for playing Steam games or for playing the best games without an internet connection, you need to know this information.

It is common that devices do not show the value of this element and, therefore, it is necessary to use third-party programs which, in addition to providing other data, can also provide information on the amount of Hz of your mobile phone.

What is the difference between a 90 Hz and a 120 Hz cell phone?

When it comes to screen refresh rate, it refers to the number of times the device refreshes the image frames.

A frequency greater than this value is synonymous with a better image and performance of the same in both applications and games, even in the way you see the screen.

Some devices maintain a better aspect ratio, because the image refresh rate is much higher and therefore of better quality.

It is precisely for this reason that a 90 Hz mobile it will not have the same sharpness on its screen of a device with a frequency of 120 Hz. Not only does it have the Android operating system or one of the versions of the iOS system, the premise is also important to this tutorial.

App to find out if you have a 90Hz or 120Hz device

Although some devices allow you to see from the settings section how much image refresh rate you have, in most it is not.

But, as said before, there is a way to find out and that is using third party applications, which allow you to see all the specifications of your mobile.

The famous and widely used CPU-Z

CPU-Z has fun online, pleasing many users who want to know more about their computer's specifications.

Now you can use its capabilities to learn more about computer hardware and thus, know if you have a 90Hz or 120Hz cellphone.

You can get it for free in the official Google Play Store and it only weighs a few kb, taking up very little space on your phone.

Once downloaded, you can explore the different sections of the application to know all the details of your device in a very complete way.

In addition to showing you the information you are looking for in this post, you can also see other interesting data such as the processor frequency and RAM.

Inware as a good alternative

It is another application with which you can determine if you have a 90 Hz, 120 Hz moving image or any other update image of the frequency.

Come CPU-Z, shows the internal components of your device in a very complete way and with a well organized interface in tabs.

Each of these represents a category and, in it, you can see all aspects of each of the elements of the phone.

Normally, you can find the image refresh rate, within a box with the same title, in the section called " Screen ".

Of course you can find other specifications, such as data on the RAM and internal processor, in great detail and with exact values.

Aida64 as a last resort

Aida64 is another good alternative for know the frame installments of your phone and, while it's not very popular, it's still just as effective.

Like the previous ones, it keeps the hardware details of the device organized in tabs separated by categories of elements, such as screen, processor, among others.

The data you are looking for must be included in the section relating to mobile graphics, where, in addition, you will see the resolution, density and many others.

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