How do I know who is following me on Snapchat? Where do I see it?

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It is an instant messaging application where you can send individual or group photos and videos to your contacts.

The difference with the rest of the social networks is that it is usually used for share photos and videos in a way quick and ephemeral, as you can set the time to share a message before it is deleted.

When you send someone a photo or video, which you can edit, you determine how long the message will be visible. The recipient has to hold down the message to view it, which will make it difficult for them to take a screenshot.

How to view pending friend requests

To get started, go to the Snapchat app. The camera view will open once you are logged into your Snapchat account. Click on your profile icon located at the top left. Then select «Add friends ". It is the first menu option that has been shown to you.

You will get a friends list with different tabs. You have to look for the people who are in " Added me " to meet those who have added you as a friend. You can add anyone on the list by clicking on the option » Accept »That you have to the right of each name.

How to see the people who added you again?

Snapchat doesn't have a specific list of people who follow us like it does with other social networks. To see who follows us, we need to take the time to review each of our contacts.

To find out who is following you, access the application from your device. As mentioned above, the camera view will open every time the application is accessed.

Click on your profile avatar that you have at the top left of the screen. In the menu you have selected » Friends ". Enter their profiles one by one to see if they follow you. To check this, you should pay attention to the following details:

  • It shouldn't have a purple button at the top right of the screen " Signed up «
  • On the next line you should have options for make a call, start a chat, send a video or picture.
  • Your position it must be active
  • You must be able to observe the number of points of that profile

Another way to check is to take a Snap. Take a picture and try sending it to someone to see if they follow you. To do this, click on the blue «Send» button that you have at the bottom right of the image you have captured.

You will have a list of people you follow. Select a friend and click on » Send ". It's to the right of the username. Now go to your friends list and check the shipment status. If you see a red arrow below the Snap, it means the person is following you.

If the send arrow is gray, it means the Snap you sent is pending, so that person isn't following you.

You can also choose to go directly to your friends list and click » New chat ». It's the tab on the right in the friends list. Search for a person and hold until you get a box with their information.

If you have a blue button " Added To the right of his name, it is because he follows you. Note that if you have active notifications, one will come every time a friend follows you. At the moment they are the only alternatives if we want to know who follows us. Stay up to date and find out what other amazing options this amazing application offers you.

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