How do I know who is watching my YouTube videos? - Quick and easy

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If you have always wondered what are the keys to making quality videos that many people like and therefore translate into money. So you have to go step by step, before you know how the internal system on YouTube works.

Can I seriously know who is watching my YouTube videos?

The first thing is to answer this question, so that there is no confusion later on, and the answer is no, you can't know exactly who is watching your YouTube videos.

The website does not have this established feature unlike the ability to view 360 virtual reality videos on YouTube. Or the simplest of all, how to delete your entire YouTube history.

Being able to see who exactly is the person watching your channel only shows it in live shows when a person joins, and yet you won't be able to see who the people watching you were later on.

But don't let this kill your dreams of becoming a content creator, because it really does it is not necessary to see who exactly saw your video, all you need is to know the ages and countries your audience enters, and that's if you can see it.


Who watches my content?

It's time to stop thinking about the question , how do i know who is watching my videos on youtube? and focus on Which groups are watching my videos?

To be a great content creator you need to take into account the demographics of your audience, that is: which countries they come from, what gender and at what age do most of my followers understand.

You can view it in youtubestudio, the tool created by the same site to make it easier to create and manage videos. Demographic data can be found in the section called “Statistics” located in the toolbar on the left.

Here it will tell you specifically: the uptime of the followers, their age and gender, the main countries they watch you from, and the languages ​​of the main subtitles. With this information you can plan your videos for specific audiences of a certain age as well add subtitles to countries that need them.

What are my followers watching?

At this point you have to think that in YouTube Studio there are many advantages and even if I don't know who sees my videos on YouTube, I can still grow as a creator.

Since here you can also see what your followers are watching in real time, this is done in “Report on the viewing time ". Here you can monitor which videos your viewers are watching and how much time they spend watching them.


With the multiline graph in real time, you can see which video is the most popular than others, as well as being able to create groups of videos to compare them with each other as well. With this you will know exactly what people like on your channel and you will be able to prepare more videos of that style.

The right audience makes the difference

With all the information outlined above, you can start using your video demographics to create higher quality content, but you can also edit it based on what you want and what your audience wants to see.

That is, there is nothing wrong with changing your channel address based on the data provided by the program, although you may lose some views in the beginning, as long as they are not from the demographic range you want to achieve with the new project., it doesn't matter.

Remember that subscribers see twice as much of your content as non-subscribers (this is real data), so you should focus more on them. With that, the question of how can I know who sees my YouTube videos? It should be fixed and you already know what to do to grow on YouTube.

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