How do I put an icon or symbol next to my Twitter alias?

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Today everyone wants have everything customizedIt doesn't matter if it's simply through a profile photo or a curious name, no one wants to look like another. Social networks handle this problem very well, so it's no wonder that the blue bird leaves you to put emoticons in the name.


What is an icon or a symbol?

Now to begin the process that will help you solve the question : How to place an icon or symbol next to my Twitter alias? You need to know it's a symbol (to add context).

Basically these are the perceptible representation of an idea, they have neither similarity nor contiguity, and they have a link between the denoted signifier.

There are symbols for all kinds of things and social groups like: sports, religion, art, culture, politics, among others. They are one of the main ways of communication that exist.

And in this globalized world we live in today, they are one of the first advertising mediums that get into our eyes.


These work perfectly because they are usually performed in a simple way and although they say nothing, they are immediately captured by the brain, generating a quick response.

Signs are only used by humans, but some animals can grasp or understand gestural symbology. They are considered the pinnacle of the society we live in today and in the culture of the Internet they are the perfect element of personalization, adding variety to each person.

Copy symbol from PC

Now that you know the above, it's time to finally answer the question : how to place an icon or symbol next to my Twitter alias? To achieve this, you must first copy the symbols you want to use from your computer and then paste them into the social network.

So, to get started, click the » Start »On your computer, then on the section "All programs", so on " Accessories ", "System tools" and finally on the option named "Characters of the map".

Press the symbol you want to use and press the button » Select ", Immediately after, press the option" Copy «, With that now the icon is in the clipboard.

Place an icon or symbol next to my Twitter alias

Once you have completed all the above process exactly, you will be able to finish the job. You have to go to Twitter and, once you are in your profile, select your username.

This will allow you to click on the button called " Settings ", Then and from there go to the call tab" Profile «.


Go to the box where you want to place your symbol and press the combination of Ctrl + V keys, when you have finished sorting everything as you wish, press " Save " And that's it.

It should be noted that this process is used for the name that is shown in tweets and posts, not for your username (my username and profile can be easily changed but it is a process that has nothing to do with it. with it). However, this doesn't really matter, as the alias is what gets displayed the most.

With that you will have already answered the question How to place an icon or symbol next to my Twitter alias? , then copy your sign, go to your profile and customize it however you want.

Remember that the only limit is your imagination, as Twitter gives you all the tools to post without limits. This is thanks to functions that, for example, allow you to insert or publish a PDF file, or even to record videos on twitter from your mobile phone.

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