How do you have to pay Uber drivers? - Payment methods in Uber

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However, there are many people who might find the application a bit confusing. When we talk about this, we mean from a technical standpoint, things like how to pay for a trip.

If the latter is something that is causing you problems, here we will explain how to pay an Uber driver without any problem and very clearly. All this, in two different and very simple ways. See how to do it.

With the convenience of a credit card

Chances are you find yourself getting dressed to go out with friends, you are in a bit of a rush and your family is waiting for you at the restaurant, or you are just late for work. In these cases, we recommend that you use one credit card via the option to add a payment method.

Using it is very simple, and actually quite safe; Not to mention how quick the process can be, so you'll probably want to get the chance to pay quickly with a credit card directly on your mobile.

All you need to do is follow the steps below:

  • You have to start by opening the Uber app and entering the menu.
  • Then, select the option that appears on the screen as » Payment «.
  • So, here you will select " Add payment method «.
  • Then choose the «Credit card» option to be able to associate your credit card with the application and that in this way you will be able to pay when you need it.
  • Finally, here you have the option to scan your credit card through your mobile phone camera and let it have the data directly. Or, if you prefer, you can enter the data manually.

If you followed these steps, the credit card will already be affiliated. Once the process is ready, you can use the card when you need it and be able to request a ride immediately.

I wait to know about paying by credit card

Before you can use the credit card, you may want to consider some details of the process so that you feel more confident with the process.

When you request a travel via the app, you will see that a kind of pre-authorization of the credit card fee is carried out. This will often come in the form of a message from your bank. This does not imply any kind of charge on your card.

The fact that you use your credit card means that you don't have to worry about cash. Just press a button and that's it. Additionally, you may feel comfortable knowing which cards Uber accepts as payment.

The traditional method: cash

Chances are you're old fashioned, or you just don't have access to your credit card for some reason. If this is the case, paying in cash is the most convenient for you.

All you have to do is follow the same procedure that we explained above where, through the application menu, enter the payment methods. Once you get to «Add payment method» you just have to select "Cash" And that's it!

From now on, all you have to do is pick up the cash and deliver it to the driver once you arrive at your destination.

However, to avoid problems, keep in mind that the fare may increase depending on the amount of traffic present or if you ask to take a different route.

Also, as additional information, you will be asked to confirm your identity via Facebook, which is a very simple process. If it's not your thing, you'll need to register for a digital payment to be verified.

Follow the procedure indicated in the app e enjoy the ride.

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