How do you know which USB ports on your Windows PC are working properly?

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USB ports, those unconditional friends that help us connect any device we want. They deserve both admiration and respect and care, and for the latter it is today's quote. Where will you learn a know which USB ports on your Windows PC are working correctly, in a very simple and effective way

Because everyone knows what a door is for, but it can almost certainly be said that most cannot identify if they are standing working properly or not. Even the most inexperienced can overlook a damaged door just because they have others and assume they all work.

How do you know which USB ports on your Windows PC are working properly?

The answer to this question is simpler than you think and comes in two solutions, but first we delve into it , you really know what need a USB port?

A brief serious explanation that performs two simple functions, one is to provide a data service to the devices or peripherals we connect (which access the computer, in order to see folders as in the case of telephones, among others). And on the other hand they also power said devices.

Everything you just read works perfectly when the USB port is working at the correct voltage it was designed for, so the first technique to know which Windows PC USB ports are working properly is as easy as fixing blurry games or applications in Windows, takes place via a USB voltmeter.

This device connects between the USB port and another device, it has a digital display which immediately after being plugged in will indicate if the port is providing the sufficient measurement the device needs to function (measures the output voltage of the USB port).

There are many variations of these Voltmeters, such as those that show voltage only or those that they are able to reflect up to the amperage of device.

Second technique: third party programs

Many times they are needed when other errors are presented like “USB device not recognized” error and to enable USB ports that stop working in Windows.

Nowadays for almost everything there are third-party programs that satisfy the functions the user needs, the best in this case is called " USBDeview “, And it's very easy to use.

The first thing to install it is to go to the Nirsoft page, there you can download the program which is free. Once downloaded you will see that it is a compressed file, you have to unzip it so that the executable file called " USBDeview ".

Double click on this file and you will notice that instead of installing it, a window will open that will allow you to see all the active ports on your computer, as well as all the recently used ones.

There is a lot of data as the application is quite complete, but what you need to know is towards the right side of this window, as the consumption of each of the USB ports appears in one of the columns.

Similarly, we can click on each device to view a more complete section, in this we have to look for the option with the name " Nutrition “, Ie the consumption that will allow you to know which USB ports on the Windows PC are working correctly.

What to do if a door doesn't work as it should

What you can try to do if your port is not working properly is to reinstall the USB drivers, this can be done from the Windows device manager (if it's a controller issue, this should fix it).

If the problem is more than physical bone hardware then there is no other solution than to use another one available and if you don't have space then buy a device to expand them (of which there are many like hubs).

And voila, with this you already know the best ways to know which USB ports on your Windows PC are working properly. You can leave the information for yourself or share it with everyone, but the fact that you have already learned it is what really matters.

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