How does Adiantum's low resource encryption work for Android phones?

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Security is not overstated these days, and much less online, most devices use encryption to hide information. Some devices are more vulnerable to attack, as Android has created a solution, find out the cryptography a low resources di Adiantum for Android phones.

It's not as easy as changing the Google Chrome search engine on Android, but in this guide, the explanation will be simple. It's like going for a walk in a park, everyone deserves like defend the own information.

First of all, know what encryption is!

Basically an encryption is the conversion of readable data, these become encrypted and the only way to read them is to decrypt them, this is the easiest way to prevent someone from stealing our data, for this reason its importance on mobile devices (guarantees its inviolability).

Knowing this, you will somehow be able to answer the question of knowing and see if there are any hidden encrypted files on your PC or even, by becoming familiar with the subject, send encrypted or secret messages from Facebook to anyone.

Today's encryption standards usually require more power than a cheap cell phone, so they are more open to information theft attacks.

The current AES or Advanced Encryption Standard it requires more power than low-end mobiles, it needs specialized hardware to run it (the ARMv8 processor). These in case you don't know much about the technology, are only found in mid-to-high-end phones.

Adiantum The solution for your low-end yet high-value phone for you!

Adiantum is an alternative brought to the table by Google (like many others), to extend the life of low-end phones, which would otherwise become very slow to try to run AES, or very insecure due to the lack of encryption. So how does the Adiantum Reduced Encryption for Android Phones?

This new system is based on the ChaCha20 system, in the terminology of file encryption, in ARM Cortex-A7, Adiamtum operates in sectors of 4096 bytes at 10,6 cycles per byte, it is five times faster than its cousin AES -256-XTS (in normal terminology, it is a beast).

The Cortex A7 is the processor of lower mid-range phones (it's a slow processor with just 1,19 GHz and 1 GB of RAM), so this Adiamtum is the perfect solution to avoid damage and enhance the experience.

Note that Adiamtum will not only be available for devices, it will also be activated on Android TV and Wear OS (or smartwatch), even those that have Android Pie OS (runs on devices with OS 9). And now, if you know how Adiamtum's low-resource encryption works for Android mobiles.

Google and its promise to improve our experience

Adiamtum is not the only proposal from Google not to let those who have or do not have the resources die, to buy a phone of high-end or those who live in a country that is still developing.

Like Android GO, which is a lighter or special version of Android of the industry giant's operating system, which has enough tweaks to work on even the humblest technical devices on the market.

This is based on an operating system with optimized performance and storage, a version of the Google Play Store that allows you to download any application, but which highlights which ones work best on your device and a set of these same applications. designed to be very lighter.

Basically Android GO has similarities to low-resource encryption Adiantum  for Android phones (at least with the same idea that the company has). Google he wants us to feel comfortable as users, with what we buy over the years, and are integrating the world step by step with its technology and its thinking.

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