How does it work and what can I do with Amazon Alexa? - Secret tips and tricks

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How does Amazon Alexa work?

In short, Alexa is the virtual assistant of Amazon that you can control through your voice, launched on the market at the end of 2014. We currently know that its name was chosen in honor of the famous library of Alexandria.

As for its operation, we can say that it is similar to that of Siri and Google. At the same time, simply to get started, you need to pronounce his name for initiate a voice command. This way, Alexa will recognize the question you are asking and can answer based on it.

At first, this assistant was only synchronized with Amazon-developed smart speakers. However, Alexa has opened its SDK to allow a large number of developers to start working with this new assistant.

That's why since that time Alexa has been involved in many devices that we find in our home. Thanks to this latest expansion of horizons, Alexa has become popular in the world of personal assistants.

It is also known that Amazon has closed a deal with Microsoft to integrate Alexa within Cortana. In this way, the Amazon assistant has the ability to access a large number of computers around the planet.

We will show you later how it works and what you can do with Amazon Alexa in  so you get the most out of it.

Amazon Alexa functionality

Next, in this new section, we will tell you in detail about the most important functions of this assistant and what questions or questions you can ask Alexa. By the time you have finished reading this post, you will have fully understood how it works and what you can do with Amazon Alexa.

Shop on Amazon

Once Alexa is connected with our Wi-Fi network, the next thing will be to sync this assistant with ours Amazon account. In this way we can enjoy the services of this incredible platform, but what matters most to us in this case is that we will have the possibility to buy Amazon items from the comfort of our home.

So what we need to do is tell Alexa the products we're looking for so she can add them to the cart. However, you must keep in mind that when selecting products with dubious names, Alexa will repeat the name of each item in detail to confirm our order.

See what's on the movie billboard

In case you are one of those people who like to go to the movies every week then you should know that you can ask Alexa what movies are in theaters and what time of day are the shows in cinemas that are near your current location. Without a doubt you can discover the movie bill while you are having dinner or doing any other activity at home.

Play your favorite songs with Amazon Alexa

One of the main functions of this personal assistant is play your song lists you prefer to relax a bit. In this case, you can play any song included in the Amazon Music free plan or Amazon Prime Music if you are a subscriber.

Now if you have a account Spotify premium, you'll have the option to install a skill so Alexa can play songs from that platform. In other words, you can create a playlist in Spotify for iPhone or Android and Alexa will play it when you tell her.

On the other hand, you also have the option to connect your mobile to Alexa via bluetooth and you can also tell it to turn the volume up or down and change the song being played. It is also possible to find the mobile with the Amazon Alexa voice assistant, in case you have forgotten it somewhere in the house

Can Alexa translate this for me?

Without a doubt, this other Alexa feature is one of the most useful. can ask Alexa to translate a complete word or phrase and the truth is that its level is acceptable. It also helps you learn to pronounce some words from other languages ​​that you may not know very well.

Use reminders

This Alexa feature is ideal for anyone who tends to have a very busy agenda and therefore forgets some important dates or events. You simply have to ask Alexa to remind you of an event on a specific day of the year. When the date we have indicated arrives, an alarm will sound and Alexa will also tell you what you should remember.


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