How does the Mayan language translator work and used?

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Although it is more common to use Google Translate for normal languages ​​such as English, German and others, there are many other dialects worth trying.

This is the case with the Mayan languages, so some people came up with the idea of ​​generating a Mayan-Spanish translator, mainly for their countries of origin, and that later escalated, making itself available to those who want to use it.

How a Mayan language translator works.

The Mayan language translator comes as an application, and initially its operation was directed at translating from the Kakchiquel language to Spanish.

Starting from that and another language, but then, thanks to the results of the first tests, its scope expanded, so new dialects have been added.

Among them, you can find the Quiché, the Mam, the Kakchiquel, the Poqomchi, the Garífuna and others. In order to continue to include more possibilities in the library.

Similarly, it started with an operation based on a few words and their translations, but gradually many elements were added. Thus overcoming the over 400 thousand words available.

On the other hand, one of the most surprising features is that its creator, a Guatemalan developer, presents updates and improvements every 15 days.

In addition, it includes a section where users can contribute their recommendations or items to add to the library, which are highly regarded.

In this way, the application known as Mayan language translator is constantly growing and improving its capabilities.

In the same way, has a tool to play the audio of the pronunciation certain phrases or words when they are consulted. You will surely be able to change or modify the translator's voice later on.

In addition to an interesting question and answer game aimed at Guatemala, its curiosities and the most relevant data.

How to use this tool?

If you want to use this application, you will need to download it to a mobile device such as a phone or tablet to get started. Until now, the Translator app is only available for devices with the Android operating system and its default features.

In this way, just go to the Google Play Store from your computer, and type in the search engine " Mayan language translator «.

Of the options shown, there will be one that will have the word " Guatemala "Next to the title, we are talking about here, and the developer will be" Technology RobOne ". As a result, you will click on the " Install »To be able to download it to your computer and you can start using it.

To continue, it is important that users remember and pay attention to enter the words to be translated as they are written. What does this mean? That the use of punctuation and accentuation must be fully respected, so that the results are optimal.

Other apps

Although the Guatemalan translator was the initiator of this type of program or application, others exist today. Of these, there is a so-called Mayan Language Translator Lite, which is much more compact or lightweight, works offline and with a width of 11 different Mayan languages.

Of the latter we can mention i Kaqchikel, Kiche, Qeqchí, Chuj, Tzutujil, Poqomchí, Itza, Mam, Poptí, Pocomam, all towards Spanish and vice versa.

In addition, it includes Kaqchikel's translation mode into English or vice versa, depending on what the user is looking for. Together with the previous App, the Lite can be easily located in Google Play by typing its name and è also free.

It is constantly updated and work is underway on the possibility of porting it to other operating systems, such as Apple devices.

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