How Facebook's «screen sharing» option works in Messenger video calls

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In this technological world and full of the amazement that communication in social networks produces, we never tire of marveling at the majesty in the functioning of existing and new application tools, every time we can do more and more.

Today's tool is the option "Screen sharing" while making a video call on the Messenger Facebook messaging app. We will explain how it is used and what it works for in this globalized world. If you want to learn it, read on.

What is a Messenger video call?

Facebook yes is distinguished by its perseverance in improving the digital means of communication for users, managing to connect people from all over the world with the sole possession of a device that allows the installation and opening of this social network so well known by all.

Chat options are the most used on Facebook; They are windows that we can open in our account of this social network and through it, with the help of a keyboard, it is possible start a conversation with anyone in the world, and beyond.

The social network Facebook has the particularity of having a very effective messaging service and, it can be said, fun for users who tend to socialize; This service is provided through a platform also known as Messenger.

This messaging application is used to make famous Messenger video calls, and is used for both mobile phones and to make video calls on Facebook from your PC. 

It is a software designed to start conversations, which in addition to doing it through the written path, can be used the live audiovisual path, through a video call, where people can see each other in real time and talk to each other.

How does a video call on Facebook Messenger work?

The moment we start a conversation about Facebook Messenger, a window appears in the interface of our account, with which it is possible to communicate with one or more people at the same time and send information, be it a message of social interest or an attached file, to all of them.

This sending of information can take place in the manner already described in the previous paragraph, for example through the audiovisual communication in real time, known as a video call.

The operation of a video call on Facebook Messenger is relatively common, and the procedure is similar for any messaging software, as long as you have a camera and a microphone on the device with the active application or social network.

In addition to making a group video call using the SOMA Messenger application, or other technological means, the procedure is similar; and also make or make a video call on WhatsApp, it is a single and common mechanism to do it from Facebook Messenger.

Video calls on Facebook Messenger are the wave of today, as it consists of a platform to socialize with a unique experience. They have versatile tools to give it any use, even in the explanatory field, one of which is the "Screen sharing" within the video call itself.

How to «share your screen» in Facebook Messenger video calls?

And we come to the option or tool which lately has aroused amazement, but in the best sense of the word, in each of the users who have Facebook Messenger and spend most of their time on video calls.

This is Facebook's 'screen sharing' option within a video call and can be performed from any device equipped with the above functionalities. 

Now how this tool works and what it can be used for is something simple to explain. When we are in a video call, we have several options, including (in the call menu, where you can find the microphone and camera option) is the screen sharing option.

Let's go to this option and we can show the person, or people, what's on our screen in real time, obviously removing the generated image of our face; this can be used to explain or show anything on the screen.

If you don't have the tool in the post right , could having to update Facebook Messenger on your Android or iPhone.

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