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Through text messages, calls or video calls via Hangouts, the different platforms that exist for the various operating systems available on mobile phones, tablets and desktop or laptop computers, have more than fierce competition for offer an easy to use tool and great experience for its users.

What is Hangouts?

At this point you probably want to know what Hangouts is. It is a platform developed by Google, and was born as a union of functions between applications such as Google Talk, Google+ Messenger e Google+ Hangouts.

You've surely seen the latter many times when we get a new mobile device. Especially Android users and, of course, the most have rejected it for not knowing how to use it, besides showing little interest in learning how to use it.

However, this improved version of Hangouts can save us when we have no other communication applications. In this opportunity you will learn how Google Hangouts works in Gmail.

How do you use Google Hangouts?

You can use the services of this platform entering Gmail. Simply enter your email and password on your mobile device or computer.

Go to the top right of the screen, locating the boxes that are right next to your profile photo. When you click, a menu with i will appear different services offered by Google, then scroll to locate Hangouts.

After following these steps, you will come across the Hangouts main menu. In the center of the screen you will see three options: Video call, call e message.

How do I start an interaction in Google Hangouts?

You just have to select one of the options that appear in the menu to start a conversation. In this space it is possible start a conversation with the contact you want to communicate with.

To do this, just search for it by name, if it's in your contact list. The other option, if it is not saved in said agenda, is to simply enter the person's email.

If you have already exchanged emails with that person, the menu will appear to automatically fill in the address you are trying to enter.

Other uses of Google Hangouts

Hangouts is ideal for video conferencing, being a great business tool and for large families, as it is possible include a total of 15 people in a video call via the web version and 10 via the mobile app.

Conversations, in their various forms, are stored in the cloud, then they are archived and available for later review. Also, for easier connection with someone, is synchronized with the contacts stored on our devices.

Previously, the application offered other services. Between these, this platform could be intertwined with YouTube, allowing Live Hangouts with other people, so that any other user can see the broadcast.

However, not seeing him live wasn't synonymous with losing him, since the Hangouts broadcast was stored on YouTube and users could search and see it. Also, if you're looking to increase the number of people watching your videos, you might consider inviting your friends to your live show.

This decline in service does not mean a total loss of users who frequent this platform, and it is still widely used by people who use Gmail as their primary means of professional or academic work.

So, if you are having difficulty using any other platform on some laptop, desktop or mobile device, you can rely on Hangouts to communicate with your friends, family, co-workers or classmates.

Refine the details for ongoing events or projects has never been easier! It combines the services offered by Gmail for the exchange of multimedia documents and direct communication via text messages, calls and video calls.

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