How to access and activate the hidden or secret menu of a Xiaomi mobile with codes

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Steps to access and activate the hidden or secret menu of a Xiaomi mobile

As mentioned above, accessing and activating the hidden or secret menu of a Xiaomi mobile is not that complicated, as it can be accessed from the information on the phone. Obviously its activation is in a different place, so it's good know well the path to follow. Therefore, follow the steps below to enter and activate the CIT menu of your Xiaomi mobile:

  • Go to the section Your mobile phone settings and look for the My Device option.
  • Enter All specifications.
  • Then, scroll down to the Kernel version option and press five times in a row, this will take you to the hidden or secret CIT menu.
  • This menu offers you to check all the hardware of your Xiaomi mobile, press component by component and follow the instructions.
  • In case the Menu is automatic, a blue icon will appear in which to start the test. The phone will check each component and, if it needs your help, it will ask you to perform some interactions on the screen. Remember that the instructions are in English.

This hidden or secret menu comes used to verify the correct operation of the phone. There you can perform speaker tests, check that the touch panel is working well, you also have the option to test different sensors.

Another thing you can check is if your Xiaomi phone includes FM, even if it doesn't appear among the installed apps. You can also listen to the radio from this menu. Something you should know is that everything you do in this menu is temporary, that is when you finish and close the menu, all changes made and values ​​obtained will be deleted.

Learn to use secret codes to access hidden menus on a Xiaomi mobile

As you already know, the Xiaomi phone brand has positioned itself in recent years at the top of sales. As a user of this device, you have the possibility to create a Xiaomi MI account, this can be very useful in case of loss.

Also, these devices come with hidden or secret menus that can be accessed via dialing codes, this can help you learn a little more about your device. Or even be useful for accessing a menu without having to use the usual way. So here is a list of some codes:

  • * # * 426 # * # *: this code allows you to obtain relevant information relating to Google services (Google Play Services).
  • *#*06#: With this code you will be able to know the IMEI of your Xiaomi phone. Knowing this is important, because in case of theft you can block the IMEI.
  • * # * # 4636 # * # *: Show information about the Wifi connection and also allows you to ping to check the Internet connection.
  • * # * # 225 # * # *: This code allows you to know the calendar information, the number of events and other related details.
  • * # * # 6484 # * # *: The latter allows you to enter quickly to the menu CIT o Hardware test.

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