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Telephones and emergencies

When faced with a problem, a situation or a health condition that endangers your life or your integrity, the most immediate and effective way to communicate it is through the use of landline and mobile phones. That is why it is important to have the necessary information on your device in an emergency.

The history of 911

One of the first measures to report a problem or situation that compromises your life or integrity or that of another person over a telephone was to call 911. But this was not always the number intended for this purpose.

In 1937, England used the 999 to establish telephone communications with firefighters, police and health institutions.

In 1968, the first 911 call was made in Haleyville, Alabama, United States. Why this number was chosen is not exactly known. It is assumed that it was a computer that selected it and it is also said to be the easiest number to dial, avoiding the confusion of children or the elderly who could get confused.

Curiosities about 911

Changing the way 911 is pronounced in the United States is something noteworthy and probably not many are aware of. It was generally pronounced "nine eleven" or "nine eleven". Following the events that took place in the United States on 11 September (9/11: nine eleven), the way in which the number was pronounced became " nine-one-one ".

Alternative channel in case of emergency

However, you don't always have enough time to make a call and report a problem. In this sense, Samsung smartphones have integrated the structure to provide their users with a different way of communicating a problem.

Emergency message

It is a method through which you can, with just three presses of the power button, send an emergency notification to contacts that you think will most efficiently respond to a fortuitous event.

This option designed by Samsung has been a part of devices for several years, especially mid- and high-end equipment.

Activation and configuration of the emergency message

To proceed with activation and setting up the emergency message option on your Samsung phone, you will need to follow this series of simple instructions:

  1. Enter the configuration or settings panel of your mobile phone.
  2. Find the advanced settings section.
  3. Click on the option " send emergency message ".
  4. The appliance will request the activation of this function.
  5. Once activated, the device will ask you to add at least 2 contacts to which to send the emergency message.
  6. Activate the options for attaching images and recording audio.

What does my team do when I activate this option?

This way, the moment press the power button three times in a row on your Samsung phone, the device will perform the following actions:

  • It will take a photo using the front camera of the device.
  • It will mark your current location via GPS (make sure you keep your stance active).
  • It will record an audio of about 5 seconds, so if you want to specify the site, features or conditions, make the most of them.

Possible failures

In the activation and setup process, you must agree that you have “read the terms set by Samsung” for this feature. Most people don't read this section, but it actually leaves interesting and important things to clarify:

  • However much logic and reasoning may not reign during emergency situations, it is important to verify that you have sufficient coverage or connectivity to send this emergency message. If not, you should try to increase and expand the coverage of your mobile until you have enough to send the emergency message.
  • Otherwise, there may be a delay or mismatch while marking the location, and sending the message may also fail.
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