How to activate and listen to the radio on your iPhone without applications

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Radio is one of the older means of communication, yet it continues to have a certain boom. Much to the regret of radio lovers, many devices do not include the radio function, however, there are several options for listening to your favorite shows on the iPhone.

In this tutorial we will teach you how to use the radio on your iPhone, related to this, if you want to use headphones or talk to listen to the radio then you need to learn how to play music via bluetooth with your iPhone. To continue with the informative guide below.

How to activate and listen to the radio on your iPhone without applications

In most devices the function analog radio has been disabled, however, there are some measures that the developers have created to address this problem. This is the case with the latest devices Apple.

Enable radio in iOS 13

The iOS 13 operating system is the latest major version of the system operating for Apple portable devices. This software version has tons of improvements which make it arguably Apple's best operating system to date.

A very interesting novelty that has gone unnoticed by many is the inclusion of the native radio within the system. The vast majority of people haven't noticed, but that means you can listen Radio without downloading any applications.

  • In the case of devices with iOS 13, the process of listening to your favorite radio stations is very simple.
  • You just have to go to the application Music.
  • Once you are in the application to listen to music, you will see that it is in the lower left corner Radio, which indicates that you can listen to stations on that device.
  • To listen to your favorite radios, press the search button e search the name of that station you want to hear so much.
  • Locate the station of your interest, you will be able to distinguish that it is a station, as under the name you will find the word TuneIn in the description.
  • Just press on the radio and the selected station will start playing.

Keep in mind that this whole procedure is done over the internet, so you need to have an active connection. We recommend using WiFi, as the radio can consume data very quickly.

How to activate and listen on old devices

In the case of older iPhone devices that do not have the above option, it will be necessary download an application. Either way, it's not a complicated process, as you just need to download it and start using it.

Tune in

The quintessential application for listening to the radio on iPhone is TuneIn. The TuneIn app is It was created in 2013 and has gradually become one of the best apps for listen to Internet radio.

The application, in fact, is used on the Internet, in case you do not want to listen to the radio via Wi-Fi connection or with data, if instead you do not want to connect to the network then you must learn to listen to the FM radio without connection. internet on Android or iPhone.

Going back to the TuneIn application, on modern phones starting with iOS 13 there is no need to download it, as it is included within the application Music. Unlike the old devices , you should buy it in the App Store.

  • The application can be found at this link TuneIn, although you can find it very easily by searching for it nell’App Store on your mobile.
  • The process is simple, you will have to download it and wait for it to be installed.
  • Once installed, launch the application and search for the Station that you want to hear.

The previous methods are valid for to listen to the radio on iPhone, as you will see with modern iPhones you don't need to download any applications. However, the process of listening to a station on older cell phones is very simple.

In addition, you can also enable automatic shutdown of music or radio in iOS, so that you can set exactly how long you want to listen to music.

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