How to activate and receive WhatsApp notifications on my Xiaomi Mi Band

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You can activate and configure this function quickly and easily, you just need your mobile and a calling application "My Fit".

THE Mi Fit application it can be obtained and downloaded from the Google store or from Google Play.

How to activate the function that allows you to receive WhatsApp notifications on your Xiaomi Band bracelet?

Once you have downloaded the Mi fit application on your mobile, you have to follow the following steps to activate the function that will do it for you receive WhatsApp notifications on your Xiaomi Band bracelet:

The first thing you need to do is open the Mi Fit application, if it is the first time you use this application or you are not registered you need to create an account. If you have an account or have already completed the registration process, the page will help you will show a main menu where you can press the Ā«braceletĀ» button for synchronize the your bracelet with your mobile phone.

After your devices have been synced, you will need to click the button "profile Ā«, Which can be placed at the bottom of the screen, in the right corner.

The Ā«profileĀ» button will show you a menu and you have to select the button that bears the name of the Xiaomi Mi band bracelet that you have synchronized, you will need to click on it.

Once you click on it, various options will appear and you have to select the option Ā«Application alertsĀ», this button will open a screen with two options, you have to activate the tab "Application alerts" and press the Ā«I understandĀ» button. located in the lower corner of the screen.

Then you will have to press the button "Manage applications", this is located at the bottom center of the screen. After pressing it, several icons will appear and you will have to select the WhatsApp icon that appears there.

You will now see the platform icon WhatsApp on the Ā«Application AlertsĀ» screen.

Ready! If you followed the steps and performed them correctly, you will now be able to view notifications that you receive from the WhatsApp messaging platform on your Xiaomi Mi band bracelet.

It is incredible that the novelties of technology allow us to always be in communication. The Xiaomi Mi Band bracelet not only shows us notifications from the WhatsApp messaging platform, but it is also a cute accessory and count your steps, the distance you have traveled, measure your calories and record your heart rate.

In addition, the Xiaomi Band bracelet shows us the notifications of other messaging platforms such as Facebook, Messenger and Amazon.

Old models of Xiaomi Mi Band bracelets

It is important to know that only the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and 4 strap models allow you to see the message that we receive on the screen of the strap, the previous Xiaomi Mi Band strap models notify the arrival of messages via vibrations.

The Mi Fit application and the old models of Xiaomi Mi Band bracelets

The Mi Fit application allows you to modify and configure the amount of vibrations you want to hear when you receive notifications from the social networks of your choice.

This app will also show you the daily records that your Xiaomi Mi Band bracelet was able to collect

In some Xiaomi mobile devices it is necessary to enter the settings and locate the "Security and privacy" button to configure the Ā«Login notificationsĀ» option and activate the Mi Fit application so that this application works correctly and can make changes without setbacks or errors.

In addition, activating Mi Fit in the mobile settings allows the application to edit easily notifications from applications such as YouTube, WhatsApp, fecibook, Gmail or whatever else you want, which is obviously in the list of applications compatible with the vibration function of the Xiaomi Mi Band bracelet.

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