How to activate and synchronize the Xiaomi Mi Band bracelet with my mobile phone - Step by step

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The Xiaomi Mi Band bracelet

It is a fitness monitor that counts your steps, records heart rate and sports activities like distance traveled, it measures calories, has a sleep quantifier and a smart alarm with vibration function. If you buy the latest model you can enjoy a colorful screen.

The bracelet has a feature that allows you to unlock your mobile if your device is Xiaomi or if you have a mobile with Android 5.0 operating system. In addition, it is waterproof and compatible with devices that have an Android operating system from the 4.4 update.

There are four models of Xiaomi Mi Band, Mi Band 1, Mi Band 2, Mi Band 3 and Mi Band 4 wristbands. The latest model has new features and applications that allow you to modify or configure many of these functions so that you can customize your Xiaomi bracelet according to your preferences.

How to synchronize a Xiaomi Mi Band bracelet with the Mi Fit application?

  • The first step you need to perform, to start using your Xiaomi Mi Band bracelet, will be to download an application called We Fit, this application can be downloaded from the Google application platform “Google Play”.
  • The second step you need to perform is the configuration Mi Fit application. To configure this app you need to activate the Bluetooth of your mobile phone and open the application.
  • Once the application is open, you can log in, if you have purchased a Xiaomi Mi Band bracelet in the past or used the application, or create a new account if it is the first time with Mi Band and Mi Fit.
  • After entering the application with our account, it will show us the main menu and there will be a button called "bracelet" that we have to press, this will cause the application to start looking for a connection with the Xiaomi Mi Band bracelet to synchronize it with your mobile.

How to update the Xiaomi Mi Band bracelet?

Once the bracelet Xiaomi mi Band is synced with your mobile, it will likely require a updating, this will be done automatically and that's it! You will be able to use the application and the bracelet once you have approved all the permits it requires.

Configuration of the Xiaomi Mi band bracelet from the Mi Fit application

From the Mi Fit application you can activate and configure the option or tool in such a way to receive messaging notifications such as WhatsApp if you buy the latest model released by the Xiaomi company, which is the Mi Band 4 bracelet. Also, you can select the sport you want and modify how you consider the heart rate measurement.

Other applications to take advantage of your Xiaomi mi Band bracelet

Bridge alert

This application is free and available on the Google Play platform. This app activates a feature that shows notifications from various messages or social networks. You will be able to read the full text that you will receive in case you have the latest versions of the Xiaomi Mi Band bracelet.

To activate the application you must activate the Bluetooth of your mobile phone and approve all permits that the application requires in order to access the options that allow it to view notifications.

Mi Band 4 dials

This is an application that allows you to  customize the screen of your Xiaomi Mi Band 4 bracelet. This application offers you a large number of designs so that you can choose the one you prefer. You can change the design in the settings option or in the button on your bracelet screen or in the Mi Fit app options.

Vibrating band

It is an application that offers you the possibility of check the vibration of your Xiaomi Mi Band 4 bracelet. The application will allow you to configure the duration, intensity and vibration modes.

Mappe Mi Band

With the Mi Band maps application you can use your Xiaomi Mi Band 4 bracelet as if it were a GPS, you can receive directions from the Google Maps platform. This application is available on Google Play, at a low price.

Most of these applications require that the application We Fit is able to use its functions.

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