How to activate and use Animojis on any iPhone with this trick

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Although this is a function provided exclusively for iPhone X, we will teach you a little trick that will allow you to have it on any iPhone. You will have a lot of fun sending these animated animal faces that express emotion in a very unique way.

There is a great variety of these Animoji. So pay close attention and follow the steps we will provide you below so that you learn how you can  activate and use Animoji on any iPhone with this trick.

 How to activate and use Animojis on any iPhone with this trick

So that you can activate and use Animoji on any iPhone, you have to perform the following trick and this consists of, first we will go to the Apple virtual store. Once we enter the App Store, we will look for the following Supermoji application. This is completely free and you can download it without any problem.

Once this is done, we will find a button that says Open and press on it, once done it will launch several windows. In them, it will only ask for your permission or access to the camera, microphone, etc. In all of them you need to press the ok option, then the first ones will appear on the screen Animoji.

If you get it, the front camera yes will activate and the first animal that appears will start mimicking your movements, especially the head and mouth. If you talk, it will imitate the movements of your lips in a very fun way. If you smile to yourself, if you stick out your tongue, if you move your head from side to side, the movement of your eyes, your eyebrows, this little animal will too.

How to use Animoji

They appear at the bottom of the screen more Animoji and the one selected by you will appear in a circle and appear at the top of the screen imitating your gestures. You can see a huge variety of cats, pandas, dogs and even a Martian. It also offers you the function of switching the camera so that you can take the picture of a friend or family member.

At the moment it won't introduce you to all the available Animojis, but I guarantee you that with the few that are there you will have a lot of fun. It also offers you an option that will allow you to change the background of the screen. You do this by selecting the option below and it shows you a wide variety of designs and colors.

Another very nice feature that you can choose is that of the effects, with this option you can make the cute cat throw fire through his mouth. You can choose between several really fun effects. Now if you want to use an Animojis you just have to choose it and you will find a red button on the screen, you have to press it to start recording.

It will start recording and the Animojis will imitate the gestures of your face.When you are done recording your message, click on the icon that used to be a circle and is now a square. This will stop recording. And what you have recorded up to then will be played back and finally you will save it in yours photo foldersAs you can see, Animoji is very easy to use

Also, if you don't want to record a video, you can opt for the photo option and these, like videos, can be shared with your friends on different social networks. And in this simple way you have learned how to use a fabulous application that will allow you to activate and use Animojis on any iPhone with this trick

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