How to activate, connect and use Screen Mirroring (screen mirroring or sharing) on ​​Samsung

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In recent years, technology has experienced a great growth in the world. Inventions like the telephone and television have made things easier. And it is that on the one hand the telephone is such a useful tool that it has become the daily companion of all people.

On the other hand, television is part of our daily life, creating a total influence to be a great audiovisual medium, but is it possible to project what you are doing on the phone onto a television? You will surely know that it is possible. So, in the development of this article we will explain in a simple way how to activate this option known as Screen Mirroring   and know how to use it effectively.

What is the Screen Mirroring Option?

This is a feature available from Samsung where you will have the opportunity to view the small screen of your mobile on the large screen of your TV. So, if you want to watch a Netflix movie on your phone, you can now plug it in to watch it on TV.

How to activate and connect the Screen Mirroring option?

First, to be able to activate this option or at least make it available on your mobile, it must have Android version 4.0 or later to be consistent with Screen Mirroring.

So, what you need to do is to activate the option Screen Mirroring on your TV so that your mobile device can search for the signal and recognize it.

To do this, we will explain it to you in a few simple steps; First, in the menu of your Smart TV, select the option "Net". In that new window that appears on the screen, scroll down until the part is selected "AllShare configuration", where again, in another window, the Screen Mirroring option will appear.

Of course, these steps we are following may change, depending on the model of TV you have in your home; but you will always find the option in the menu.

Now, once you have gone through the activation process on your TV, you need to go to the options on your Samsung mobile device. To do this, on the home screen, lower the bar at the top; and in that bar, where are the direct options of the phone tools, you will find the option to duplicate the screen.

With that ready, what you need to do is select the option and your phone will automatically start searching for available devices to connect. Since you had previously activated this option on your TV, logically it should be the only device that appears on the screen that you can select.

Once you have selected your TV, a new pop-up window will appear on the TV screen, in which you will need to select “Consent” and so the mobile device will be able to connect. With these simple steps, you can start wirelessly playing whatever you want from your phone.

One point you should keep in mind is that this option you are using works with WiFi; therefore, both devices must be synchronized on the same network. In case the WiFi connection drops for seconds, the video or audio may be interrupted or seen in low quality if it is a YouTube video.

What problems can arise when you want to connect Screen Mirroring?

In this case, when we use a wireless connection you are unlikely to have connection problems ; but of course, for some reason it could happen. So, now we will explain to you why connection problems usually occur and what you can do to fix it.

If we see it from the beginning, since we wanted to wirelessly connect the TV with our mobile, we recommend that you check if you have a compatible version on your phone. On the other hand, you can do the connection test with a cable, in case you don't get the problem of why it won't connect, if it's not for the version.

To do this and verify that the physical connector is working, we can search for another device and plug it in to see if it starts with that. Furthermore, it would be advisable to check the connection input of the telephone, making sure it has no dirt that prevents a good connection.

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