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Android TV is a system designed for TV which syncs seamlessly with mobile devices. In this way you will have the possibility to operate the TV comfortably from your mobile phone and, in addition, it works together with other equipment such as tablet or smartwatch without problems.

Its developer, Google, has been in charge of keeping the platform up-to-date in order to offer the user a wide variety of options, both to watch your favorite series on TV and to have mobile functions and applications available at the same time.

How to enter developer options on Android TV

And like most Android devices, too Android TV has a secret option that will take you directly to settings of programmer. If you don't know how to activate it, in this article we will show you the ultimate trick to get into developer options on Android TV.

Steps to activate developer settings on Android TV

Not only does the mobile version have this feature, you can too enable developer options in Android Auto and obviously, Android TV would have been no exception. These are the steps to follow:

It's so easy to get into the Android TV secret menu

  • Log in to Android TV.
  • Sign in with your Gmail account.
  • Go to the section "Configuration / Settings" > "Device preferences" and select "Information".
  • A series of options will open, scroll down until you reach «Compilation».
  • While you are there, tap "Ok" 7 times until you can turn on developer mode. A notification will appear immediately stating: "You are now a developer".
  • Back up again "Device preferences" and somewhere in the menu it should appear "Developer options", click on it.
  • Below you will see the whole Android TV secret menu.

It should be noted that some functions are still in the works, so if you try to enable them you may not get any results, likewise we remind you that any step taken it may affect normal system operation, so take precautions.

What options does Android TV developer mode have?

If you are a basic user, the easiest options to manage would be the picture color mode and disable the scale of animation area of window, the scale of animation of transition, the animation duration scale. The rest would be more complex functions that you should study in detail.

These are the functions of the Android TV developer mode

Full list of Android TV secret menu

  • Enable developer options. If you want to disable it, tap the button again.
  • Create bug report.
  • Screen always on while charging. The screen never goes into sleep mode if the device is charging.
  • Enable Bluetooth HCI registrations.
  • OEM unlocking.
  • Image color mode.


  • Debug USB.
  • Revoke USB Debugging Permissions.
  • Choose the application to simulate the position.
  • View attribute inspection.
  • Debugging application.
  • Recorder buffer size.


  • Wireless display certificate.
  • Enable verbose WIFI log.
  • Mobile data always on.
  • Select USB Settings.


  • Show the touches.
  • Position of the pointer.


  • Surface change.
  • Show design limits.
  • Force the direction of the RTL layout.
  • Window animation scale.
  • Transition staircase - animation.
  • Animation duration scale.
  • Simulate secondary screens.

Hardware accelerated rendering

  • Force GPU rendering.
  • See GPU updates.
  • See hardware level updates.
  • Debug GPU overdrafts.
  • Debug non-rectangular cropping operations.
  • Forza MSAA 4x.
  • Disable hardware overlays
  • Simulate color space.


  • Disable USB audio routing.


  • Strict mode.
  • Track the GPU rendering.
  • Enable OpenGL monitoring.


  • Do not keep activities.
  • Limit background processes.
  • Mostra ANR in background.
  • Pending applications.
  • Force authorization of apps externally.
  • Adjusting the size of the strength of the activities.

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