How to activate "Look at the front" on your Android phone for safer walking

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Google has added a new option to the collection of tools for digital well-being of Android, called «Look ahead». It is one of the more curious and useful functions that this suite of tools includes, as it can even save your life.

“Looking ahead” is a function capable of alert users when they are using their mobile phone while walking down the street, to avoid possible accidents, such as hitting a lamppost or being run over.

The Look ahead option on Android.

Activate Google's "look ahead" mode to avoid accidents while walking

Google explains that "Look ahead" is a feature meant for receive reminders when we are using the smartphone while walking. However, the company indicates that Heads Up - as this function is called in English - does not replace the act of paying attention, and for this reason we recommend that you do not rely 100% on this feature when walking down the street using your mobile phone.

activate the "Look ahead" option, just follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of the Digital Wellbeing app installed.
  2. Open the Settings application on your mobile.
  3. Go to the “Digital wellbeing and parental control” section.
  4. Tap "Look ahead".
  5. Grant the necessary permissions and activate the feature.

This option uses two different systems to identify when we are walking. On the one hand, it uses the Physical activity API to determine if we are walking with cell phone in hand. On the other, use the location permit to find out if we are on the street or in any other public place.

In case the conditions are met, we will see a reminder at the top which encourages us to look straight ahead and look away from the cell phone to avoid accidents.

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